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When you’re moving from one home to another, a checklist is beneficial so that you know what you need to pack and when as well as knowing the time-frame of when you need to disconnect utility services. Your list should be posted in a location where everyone can see it before moving. Try to gather all of the supplies that you need a few weeks before you start packing so that you have everything ready and available.


Two months

This is the time when you need to begin planning for your move. You don’t necessarily need to start putting items in boxes, but you should know where you’re moving to and when you’re moving. You can also begin making reservations for moving companies. It’s also a time to make plans to use Self Storage in Ipswich for the belongings that you won’t have room to take with you during the initial moving process. Inform your landlord that you’re moving. If you own your home, then you need to have a plan in place for someone to rent your home or for someone to buy your home.

Make a budget for everything from packing supplies to the things that you’re going to need when you get to your new home. Take an inventory of the items that are in your home that you no longer need. Decide whether you’re taking them to Self Storage in Ipswich until you find something else to do with them or if you’re going to get rid of them. Keep all important documents in a folder so that they are easy to find when they are needed, such as rent receipts for your new home or utility deposit information.


Six weeks

About six weeks before you move, you need to begin going from one room of your home to another to start gathering items to put in boxes. Larger pieces of furniture that you don’t plan to use within the next few weeks can be put in one area of your home to make it easier to move everything to the truck when the day comes to leave. Furnishings that you’re not going to use in your new home can be taken at this time to Self Storage in Ipswich so that you can focus on the items that you know you’re taking to your new house. Get any medical records so that information can be transferred as well as school records if your children will need to en-roll in a new school. Change your address with the postal system so that you can begin receiving mail at your new address.


One month

Time is winding down for getting everything together for your big move. Make sure you have enough boxes for everything you’re packing as well as tape, supplies to put inside the boxes to keep items from breaking, and markers to label the boxes. Any subscriptions to services should be cancelled or transferred. Contact utility companies to ensure that you have a date set to install services in your new home. If you have children, you need to go ahead and make plans for someone to watch them while you’re putting everything on the moving truck and when you’re unpacking. Make a small box of essential items that you’ll use for the first few days in your new home in case you don’t want to unpack everything right away.


The final days

All of your bills should be caught up and paid before moving. Begin shifting everything to the front of your home so that it’s close to the entry door. This will make it easier to get everything outside when you’re loading the vehicle. Clean your home so that you can get any security deposit back that you might have paid. Get plenty of rest, and enjoy moving to your new home.

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