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The Latest In Home Renovation Design Trends

With 2024 well underway, we’re getting a better picture of the leading design trends and storage needs. Processes underway in previous years are only accelerating, with more people wanting extra space for all the stuff they don’t want to keep in the house. 

As you might expect, design trends and storage needs relate to each other closely. Whenever homeowners embark on dramatic renovations, they often require additional storage for their new designs. Sometimes, they relegate belongings to the attic or shed, but putting them into storage keeps them safer and allows more radical interior redesigns. 

This article explores the most recent design trends and storage needs. You’ll learn what’s new in 2024 and how these developments could improve your life. Here’s everything you need to know: 


Biophilic Design

During the last fifty years, people have moved further and further away from nature. Now, many homeowners feel disconnected from life itself. 

For this reason, biophilic – “nature-loving” – design is a hot interior design theme. People want to bring the wildness of the forest or jungle into their homes. 

Doing this well requires careful use of colours, materials, and plants. Biophilic themes often have an indoor-outdoor feel, with plenty of wood, wicker, jute, and sisal in brown, green, and cream. 

Biophilic design is suitable for any area of the home, particularly balconies and terraces. Additional greenery and plant life bring these spaces to life and create a relaxing, healthy atmosphere. 

biophilic home design trend


Discreet Storage

Discreet in-home storage solutions are another exciting trend for 2024. People want to keep their possessions out of sight most of the time but available when needed. 

This trend takes various forms, from stuffing blankets into ottomans to storing books under coffee tables. The idea is to escape the minimalist trap and make interiors more functional without sacrificing aesthetics. Those wanting to go the whole hog should consider built-in storage. Walling off a section of the living room or bedroom with cabinets can keep everything neatly out of sight, preventing it from becoming an eyesore. 

Inventive under-floor storage solutions can also make a difference. Placing items beneath trap doors beneath hardwood flooring can be an excellent way to keep large quantities of belongings out of sight but close at hand. 


Smart Home Features

Of course, living in 2024, smart home features are also a hot trend. Homeowners want extra conveniences that eliminate those annoying around-the-house jobs that take up so much time. 

Given this, many people are installing smart lighting to switch on and off when they enter/exit rooms. Others are investing in heating systems that adjust temperature according to observed homeowner preferences. 

Smart home features can also include voice assistants and charging systems built into the home’s fabric. Having these fitted as standard avoids ugly electronics cramping the room’s style, helping it merge into the background. 


Bigger Self-Storage Units

We’re also witnessing a movement towards bigger self-storage units in 2024, with homeowners wanting more space for their possessions. Larger spaces allow them to switch around furniture more and experiment with different layouts.

Amberley Self Storage in Brisbane, Australia is the ideal storage unit for home renovators. It offers sizable units with a low per-square-metre cost, allowing homeowners to experiment with their properties to their hearts’ content. There’s room for full-size sofas, beds, kitchen units, wardrobes, and much more. 


Statement Stoneware

Another interior design trend for 2024 is statement stoneware. Instead of putting fancy artwork up on the walls, many homeowners are choosing to make their artistic voices heard with soapstone and travertine. 

Some interior designers are using oversized marble fireplaces to get the message across. These offer an imposing presence in living and dining rooms, contrasting with neutral colour schemes. 

Others are using stone headrests in the bedroom or solid granite side tables. These create an instant visual impression, offering guests and residents an elegant and elevated experience. 

statement stoneware features

Multi-Functional Furniture

Multi-functional furniture builds on this theme by removing clutter from rooms that might divert attention from the centrepiece. Beds, ottomans, coffee tables, and sofas with built-in storage keep rooms looking clean and tidy, even if owners have a lot of possessions. 



Finally, functionality is a leading trend in 2024. People want homes that fit around their lifestyle, allowing them to enjoy themselves. 

Single-use furniture is struggling. Sideboards that sit there and look pretty are falling out of favour in preference for objects that provide utility to owners and guests. The focus is now on getting the most value possible from spaces without compromising appearance. 

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