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At Amberley Self Storage, we have a wide range of student solutions to help the average university student store their items. Whether you’re an international student looking to store items when returning home for the holidays, a stressed student looking to declutter your student accomodation or simply looking to store your items over the break period, our self storage units in Ipswich can help you. Read on to learn everything you need about self-storage in Ipswich and how it can help you with your student storage needs.


Why do students need self storage?

There are many benefits to storing your items in self storage before your semester begins. Feel prepared and relaxed ahead of your first university semester with these benefits of self-storage in Ipswich.


Easy Storage During The Holidays & Pre-Semester

Storing your items in self-storage Ipswich until you’re ready to move into your student accommodation can be ideal if you’re an international student. But it can also be ideal if you’re looking for a place to store your items over the summer. Reduce the stress of transporting items to and from home with our Amberley Self Storage.


Store Seasonal Items

Student accommodation can be a little cosy, often meaning you don’t have space for all your items. Storing seasonal items like clothing or sports equipment can help you find a place to store your coats and winter sports gear during the summer months. Enjoy an organised and productive study space as all your seasonal items lie safely stored in our student-friendly storage units until the appropriate season.


Security & Item Protection

Are you worried about keeping your items secure? Amberley Self Storage is ideal for students worried about the safety of their possessions when travelling over the semester breaks. With our state of the art surveillance and security measures, you can travel confidently knowing that your items are protected.


Flexible Rates

We offer flexible student storage solutions from 1.5m x 1.3m to 3.6m x 10.3m garages, so there will always be space for your precious furniture or favourite guitar. You can book online with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we’re sure there’ll be room to accommodate your items. There are no hidden costs when you book with us, so you can feel confident that you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for right from the outset.


Feeling Organised

It can be hard to feel organised when you study in a cramped and cluttered place. Consider decluttering your packed student accommodation and investing in our student storage solutions to benefit from studying in a neat and organised space. Our flexible student storage solutions mean you can declutter before you start your studies, mid-studying or at the end of the semester.


What should I put into self storage?

You can any number of items in our student-friendly storage units. Some of the most popular items stored by students, include:


  • Electronics or appliances. Don’t have room for your gaming consoles or kitchen appliances in your student accommodation? Simply store them with us for as long as you need.
  • Furniture. We can accommodate various furniture sizes, from one chair to a whole bed. Choose the correct storage size, and we will keep your items safe.
  • Textbooks or studying materials. Whether you’re storing your first-year textbooks or science or music equipment, we’ll keep your items safe.
  • Sports equipment. Over the summer months, store your gym equipment, football gear, or other sports equipment with us.


Which items should I keep with me?

Our team at Amberley Self Storage recommend that irreplaceable items like currency, artwork, heirlooms, deeds, or contracts should not be stored with us. As safe as our facilities are, essential items should always be kept with their owners. It is also important to note that flammable, perishable, or illegal items cannot be stored in our facilities. 


Finding the right student storage

At Amberley Self Storage, we genuinely care about students and want to ensure their items are safe and secure so they can reach their academic potential. Therefore, our best advice for finding the right student storage for you would be:

  • Check the rates: When talking to a storage provider, ensure no hidden fees, such as cancellation or additional costs over the break periods. At Amberley, we have a variety of rates to suit different student needs.
  • Security: Ask the storage provider what security or surveillance they have in place. Ideally, cameras should be operating 24/7 to ensure your items’ safety.
  • Space: Measure everything before you select a space. Many student storage providers will offer a variety of storage unit sizes, accomodating anything from a small garage to a larger space. if you’re unsure of how much space you need, take advantage of our handy space calculator.
  • Location. Where are the storage providers located? In terms of security, your storage provider should be located in a well-lit, populated area so that you can feel your items are secure. For added convenience, our Amberley Self Storage facility is located in Ipswich, within an hour’s trip from Brisbane’s 3 major universities, University of Queensland, QUT and Griffith University


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