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For just about all of us there comes a time when we have to move house or move our business. We have lots of choices with what to do with our valuables. Some of us choose to store with friends and relatives, some of us have a big clean out and store nothing, but the vast majority seek out a professional storage solution to suit their needs.

At Amberley Self Storage Self Storage we want you to be clear on the benefits of using self storage over other forms of storage.

  • A professional agreement between you and us. We use tried and tested self storage agreements that protect your valuable goods legally. These documents protect your interest in your goods and ensure privacy.
  • Our property is fenced and we also have pin coded access. Members of the general public are not granted access to our self storage facility. Only customers have access. Our surveillance systems ensure that we can keep an eye on what is going on, protecting your valuable goods.
  • At Amberley Self Storage, we have a number of sizes to suit, combine this with flexible rental terms and self storage becomes the ultimate storage tool for everyone.
  • At Amberley Self Storage we are conveniently located, saving you time for your storage needs.
  • Extra Services. We have a full range of merchandise, our cartons, boxes, bubble wrap, tape another storage needs. Come down and have a look and pick up what you need.
  • Specialist storage Insurance. At Amberley Self Storage, we offer a specific industry based low-cost storage insurance product in the unlikely event that something happens to your goods in storage. You can rest assured that your goods are safe with an insurance policy.

It’s important to understand the self storage provides a valuable service to the community and business alike providing flexible storage services and a tailored storage solution developed by industry professionals who know and understand your storage needs.

It’s pretty risky to store your valuable goods with friends and relatives. Are they insured? Are your goods insured on their property? What happens if they steal your goods? It would not be the first time that that has happened. Don’t take the risk.

Sometimes we decide to store our valuables with a friend’s business. Do you know if he’ll be in business next month or not? What happen if a receiver is appointed? How will you gain access to your goods? How will you even be able to prove that they are yours?

There are too many risks involved in storing your valuable goods in places that are not professional self storage facilities. There are a number of competitors to self storage that appear to be self storage but are not self storage. At Amberley Self Storage we have invested significantly in the latest surveillance systems and we are confident that your goods are completely secure if you store them with us.

Many removalists may offer local storage solutions but your goods end up stored in a box in a big warehouse and you cannot access them easily. Self storage provides a convenient seven day a week access to your valuable goods as and when you need to gain access. With the added flexibility of being able to increase or decrease your size of space at any time, self storage makes the perfect choice for your storage needs.

It’s also important to support local businesses of the as they also employ people in the local community.

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