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Top 5 ways to improve your apartment

Apartment living can have its benefits, but it can also pose some challenges. Sometimes, it can even be sort of disappointing. Fortunately, there are ways to improve an apartment that is a bit challenging- or even a bit disappointing. There are a number of ways to achieve this, but here are five of them:

Add Colour

Adding colour to a space can make even a drab place more cheerful. While there are generally restrictions on painting walls or making any other significant alterations to the space, there are still ways to achieve this. Some easy and inexpensive ways include adding colourful accent pillows or curtains. A slightly pricier option is adding one or two bold furniture pieces such as a sofa or futon in a vibrant colour.

Add Life

Adding life of the plant variety can improve almost any space. While there may be limitations due to space and sunlight, there are still plenty of plants that can be grown in even a small space. Herbs are a good option, because most can thrive on a windowsill. Plus, they make a handy addition when cooking.

Make it Comfortable

Comfort is important. The value of an amazingly comfortable chair or sofa cannot be overstated. A soft throw and comfy accent pillows on a sofa add a warmth and comfort that says “home” in a space that might otherwise be less-than-desirable.

Add Storage

An apartment can feel rather cramped. Adding more storage within a small space can help. There are a few ways to achieve this. One way to do this without adding more furniture to an already crowded space is to choose (or swap out) sofas and ottomans that have storage space built in- providing both seating and storage. Another useful option is a bed with drawers.

Then, there are the more traditional routes. Adding bookcases and wall shelves can be helpful. So, too, can shoe racks, shoe boxes, and the whole host of other storage boxes and bins designed to be fit into the closet or tucked under beds.

Free Up Space

Of course, sometimes there are simply more things than can fit into the space. Then, it becomes necessary to free up some space. This can be done by binning unusable items, selling those that have significant monetary value but are no longer something you want, and donating other items.

There will be some items that may not fit but that you treasure and don’t want to part with, and that can be addressed with Self Storage for Ipswich. With Self Storage in Ipswich, your beloved belongings can remain close to you without being underfoot. Then, when the day comes, you can take the items back out of your Self Storage in Ipswich and move them into your new, larger space.

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