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Vehicle Storage Tips

If you’re going away or staying with someone for a long time and you’re not using a car very much you may very well consider storing it.  We cater for the RAAF Amberley air force base which is adjacent to us. At Amberley Self Storage we have a space to suit. If you are going to store with us for an extended period, then follow these easy storage tips:

  • Change the oil and filter, this will reduce the chances of oxidation and given that new oil has circulated through your engine will offer most protection, after one month some components start to dry internally in an engine, so clean lubrication is important
  • Fill the fuel tank with fresh premium  fuel. This removes the chance of fuel oxidisation and condensation. Do not use fuels with ethanol as these over time can emit water vapour and create rusting in the tank.
  • For extended periods of downtime consider adding a engine additive to the fuel to prevent corrosion
  • Over inflate the tyres to avoid flat spots
  • make sure cool levels are topped up and the coolant is added to the radiator to prevent rusting
  • Prior to storage give the car a good wash and wax, the wax will prevent paint contamination into the future and store in a car clean into contaminants cannot be acting on the paint whilst in storage.
  • Plug the exhaust pipe and air intake with a rag to prevent creepy crawlies entering your exhaust and intake system.
  • Do not store with the parking brake on, it will stretch the cable
  • For extended periods consider putting the car on checks to prevent flat spots on tyres
  •  Write a note to yourself of what you have done and stick it on the steering wheel that way you will remember after your trip what you did and also if a storage personnel member has to move your vehicle.
  • If you are storing a horse float with us, please ensure that horse dung is removed prior to storage

Follow these tips and the storage of your vehicle  at Amberley Self  Storage will be fuss free! Ask us how we can store your vehicle, caravan, trailer, ute, horse float or any other vehicle for short or long-term.

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