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People looking for Storage Ipswich are often concerned about how to properly store fragile items. There is nothing more heart-breaking than shattering precious china, or cracking the screen of your computer monitor. The good news is that with proper materials and handling, you can safely store your valuable antiques, documents, and electronics.

Use Heavy-duty Packing Materials

a man wrapping packing tape over a cardboard box to seal it

The first thing to do is to acquire packing materials. Look for sturdy moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, packing paper, stretch wrap, packing tape, dish dividers, and markers. It cannot be stressed enough that high-quality containers are a necessity. Old boxes that are being reused are often flimsy and prone to sagging. If your boxes cannot withstand the stress the items put on them, they will tear open or fall when stacked. Consider using plastic tubs or bins for more durability. Plastic won’t break down when introduced to humidity, whereas cardboard boxes are likely to decay under such circumstances. Use appropriately sized containers. Books and documents become very heavy rather quickly. Smaller boxes are easier to handle, and less likely to strain your back.

Use Packing Paper

a woman wrapping a glass in packing paper for moving

When packing dishes, use dish dividers or at least packing paper. When placing anything glass or ceramic in a container, be sure to use plenty of bubble wrap, and packing peanuts or paper. Use the packing materials below, above, and to the sides of items. Glass and ceramic items crack or break when they are clanged together. Take your time and make sure each item is secure. When packing anything oddly shaped, use stretch wrap and plenty of packing peanuts. Use packing tape on the bottoms of all cardboard boxes. Once you think it is good enough, use a bit more. The bottoms of boxes love to give out. Use markers to identify what’s in each box. Looking for one item in a sea of boxes would be challenging otherwise. Mark boxes that are fragile, and always indicate which side is up. Make sure to cover any furniture to protect from dust and dings.

Make Sure Your Storage is Secure

a couple moving boxes into their self storage unit

Make sure your Storage Ipswich unit has controlled access and 24-hour surveillance. Proper security is necessary to protect your valuables. Adequate lighting is also needed. You will want to be able to see properly when carefully organising your items in the facility. You may need access to ramps and dollies to safely move your precious cargo. Wooden furniture, home electronics, and documents are all sensitive to moisture. You may want to be sure your Storage Ipswich is climate controlled. All of your items are important, so take care and be thoughtful when placing your items in the locker. You won’t want something heavy stacked on top of lighter items.

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