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When it seems like there is nowhere to put anything or display anything in your home, then consider using a few DIY ideas to make your own storage. If there’s something that just doesn’t look good on a shelf in the home or on a table, then utilise Self Storage in Ipswich. You can put boxes of decorations in the unit until you determine what you’re going to do with them, such as sell them or give them to someone else.

Put old furniture into Self Storage Ipswich and Upcycle Pallets

You can usually get pallets at most stores when they are thrown out. Paint the pallets or stain them so that they maintain their natural colour, stacking them together to create boxes or shelving units on the wall. Stack the pallets in the centre of the living room or beside a bed to create a table with an empty area in the centre for storing books, movies, and other belong.

Check out this cool video with some amazing DIY tricks for upcycling old pallets:

Clothespins on the wall

Whether you hang clothes on a line or not, you might have a few clothespins around the house. If not, then you can get them at most retail stores without spending a lot of money. Position pins on a wall, using them to hold things like hats, scarves, ties, and other items that don’t have a place in drawers or the closet. You can also use clothespins to hang pictures that aren’t heavy.



DIY Kitchen Storage

Instead of storing lids in these handy racks, you can sort small purses, wallets, and books. Keep the racks on a table or dresser to easily access the items that are stored. For the items that don’t fit in the racks or that don’t look right on the tables or shelves that the racks are on, keep those items at Self Storage in Ipswich for a while until you can get other storage solutions in place.


Dish storage in kitchen island! I like the idea of keeping plates in a drawerSource: Apartment Therapy

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Rails are one of our kitchen storage favourites. They’re especially good for big storage users like pots and pans and mean that everything is always findable and easy to grab too.

Source: Ikea

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Put small knick knacks into Self Storage Ipswich and Use Pegboards for the rest

If you have multiple items that you need to store, then use a pegboard on a wall. You can paint and decorate the board depending on the room that it’s in, such as a bedroom or the bathroom. Hang hooks on the board that are spaced enough for items of various sizes, such as hats and scarves. You can easily move the hooks when you want to add more items or when you want to take things away and put them somewhere else in the home.


Check out what these people have done with their pegboards:

DIY Pegboard* - Little House On The Corner

Source: Little House on the Corner

The makings of a functional workspace: Storage area, making area, computing area, and a place to take social media photos in good natural light.

Source: Caitlin Bacher

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Find Baskets You Can put into Self Storage Ipswich


Wicker storage baskets are commonplace on floors and on counters. You can also hang these baskets with the open side facing out on walls in the home. These act as spacious shelves for decorations or for towels and washcloths if you have them in the bathroom. When you can’t get items arranged in the basket shelves, take them to Self Storage in Ipswich for the time being until you can sell the things that you don’t need or position them on other tables and shelves in the home.

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