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If there is one thing that brings a good Christmas celebration to life it’s the decorations. You can’t help but feel that thrill of excitement in the pit of your stomach when you see the Christmas lights go up on the High Street. When you head to your local stores and start shopping for Christmas trees and baubles, and ornaments. The holidays just wouldn’t be the same without that musty tinsel smell from the attic, the handmade knickknacks of children’s Christmases gone by, and pine-scented candles. 

Christmas decorations help us experience the magic of the season over and over again, so we end up feeling like we did when we were children. The downside? Trying to store them correctly. It’s nice to focus on the intention of the season; Being joyful and organising a holiday with the whole family. But once the season is over and the last of the mulled wine glasses are washed, you then have to consider how to organise your Christmas decorations and store them for the next year.

The good news is that it’s very easy to learn how to pack Christmas decorations so that you don’t wreck any of your beautiful ornaments or screw up your tinsel. Here are some tips to help you to get through it so that you can make sure that your Christmas decoration storage is easy and seamless.

Declutter your Decorations

Every year It’s very easy to build up your holiday decorations so that your Christmas decorations make your house look like Santa’s grotto has been thrown up in it. If you want to be able to keep your decorations nice then you need to declutter them on a yearly basis and get rid of the old ones or the broken ones. If you want to make sure that you store your decorations correctly, you need to decide if you need each thing and you have to be conscious about your decisions. Take the time to go through and declutter the broken ornaments or the lights with busted bulbs and then make space for either new decorations or for easy storage.

Categorise your Christmas Decorations

Self storage for Christmas decorations can be fairly easy because then you get a dry space for your decorations to go so they won’t be affected by dampness or any pests. When you categorise them, you can box them into their groups. For example, categorising your items such as candles, blankets and cushions, Christmas tree ornaments, tinsel and garlands can help you to keep everything in one place. If you prefer, you can categorise your Christmas decorations by room. That is if you decorate more than just your lounge.

Invest in Proper Christmas Decoration Storage

The flimsy boxes that your Christmas decorations come in are not going to be good enough throughout the year. Investing in sturdy red or green bins will help you to keep your decorations looking neat. Storage with proper compartments for ornaments, collectables and lights is also a help. Don’t forget, you don’t have to keep investing in Christmas decorations as the years go by. You will save yourself some time, money and stress if you make sure you have the right storage. Contact Amberley Self Storage today to find the best storage solution for you.

Keep your Wrapping Paper and Gift Tags Somewhere Else

colourful wrapping paper rolls

It’s nice to build up the decorations throughout the year, but don’t forget you also need to keep your wrapping paper and your gift tags as well as your ribbons and bows somewhere good. Good means somewhere they’re not going to be affected by water damage, moisture, pests or anything else. Having some storage drawers can help you with this because you can then separate everything by the roll and ensure that everything has a place.

Keep the Hooks on your Pins Separate From Everything Else

All of those hooks that you used to put your lights around the room or around the house need to be kept in a separate bucket from all the other decorations. It’s not going to help you to open up all of your decorations next year and find all of your things ripped apart by the spikes on the end of the hooks. Hooks are a good option especially when you want to hang any gift bags from the Christmas period, but just make sure you keep them separate from everything with fibres. 

Most people treat their Christmas decorations with reverence as they should. Making sure that you have the correct Christmas storage is so important if you want to keep your Christmas decorations looking good and lasting for years to come.

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