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Everyone loves to be surprised with a special gift during the Christmas season. But as the gifts begin to pile up, we are left wondering how and where to hide them from prying eyes. Let’s face it; kids can turn into sleuths when the big day approaches. And if you still think they won’t find those gifts you squirreled into the attic or the boxes you labelled tax receipts, then you will be in for a big surprise.

So how do you save yourself from faked surprises, which can be so hard to tell, when unwrapping? Well, the answer is quite straightforward- self storage. You only need to rent a unit, and we will store your Christmas gifts safely from the time you bring them in right up until the 24th.

We Have Enough Space, Even for Your Car

If you have ever tried hiding a car or an online gift, then you probably understand how tricky it can get. It’s for this reason that we have big and small storage units to suit small parcels as well as big presents such as cars. All our units are conveniently sized to meet your storage needs. This year, you can actually succeed in keeping a secret.

Shop till You Drop 

If you shopped the entire supermarket this Christmas, you need not worry about going home to wrap all by yourself. We provide complimentary wrapping packages to help you prepare your gifts for storage far and away from sneaky eyes. Our wide range of packing services are convenient if you are sending gifts overseas, and you need an awesome bubble wrap to add an extra edge to the special gift.

Get Your Valuables to Safety

Do you have a high monetary value item that you want to be kept safe before you set out for a holiday? Get self storage services and rest assured that your items will be in good hands for the entire time. We understand that your valuables are dear to you, and we offer to keep them in a safe environment until you come back to claim them.

Move Stress-Free- Removalists

Christmas season can be a hectic one for removalists. It does not have to be this way if you book early enough to avoid getting tangled up in the frenzy and frantic moments. We desire to guarantee you a well-deserved moment of peace as you move from state to state. If you think relocating is hard, think again. Our staff can minimize the emotional and physical problems associated with any move. What’s even more intriguing is that our self storage services are not a nightmare- no shock when you receive the bill.

Self Storage Rules

We pride ourselves in unrivalled attention to detail for the security of all your belongings. As a general rule, we do not store animals and items such as food, explosives, combustible, guns, rocket launchers or fuels. If you are going to store your lawnmower or whipper snippers, they need to be free of fuel.

Maintain the Surprise This Year

No problem is too big to solve. We are here to take up all your storage needs or removal problems. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

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