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OK, How Many Boxes Do I need To Move?

That’s a big question and a number of factors contribute to how many boxes your name on the big day.

An average two-bedroom home with two people living in it might start off with 30 medium boxes –  “book N Wine” and 20 larger teachest boxes

You will also need about 20m of bubble wrap, some tape, a couple of packages of packing paper and you might even need a couple of wardrobe boxes.

Don’t forget to mark up the boxes so that you know which rooms that they came from! The removalist won’t remember!

We have plenty of the right size boxes!

We have plenty of the right size boxes!

At the other end of the scale a four-bedroom home with four people living in it would need to start off with 60 medium boxes and about 40 large cartons. Larger homes will always need more cartons and an area that is often overlooked is the laundry and the garage and the garden shed.

When you clean out the garden shed it’s often a good time to work out which pesticides are out of date and throw them away. When you pack items from the garage in the boxes sometimes is worthwhile lining the box with bubblewrap just in case you get a spillage from that jar of paint that you been keeping forever!

Only use cartons by a self storage facility or a removalist. There is a good reason for this. Cartons provided by the large suppliers for self storage use a thick ply cardboard and are designed to hold of moderate loads for transport. Self storage facilities provide specialist cartons for special jobs including picture cartons, plasma TV cartons, lampshade cartons and crockery cartons

Crockery cartons are especially good for kitchenware as they come with a set of dividers so that you can put individual items with protection from other items.

There is little doubt that at Amberley Self Storage Storage we can provide a full inventory of cartons for your next move. Ask us about our range of moving cartons and storage cartons.



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