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Self storage is put to more uses than many people believe. They’re for more than just putting some of your stuff so you’ve extra space in your house. They can also be used for your hobbies. You can even use it as a workshop, as long as you’re willing to put a bit of effort into it.

With Amberley Self Storage, it’ll be easier than you’d think. Here’s our ultimate guide to self storage for hobbyists.

Can You Turn A Self Storage Unit Into A Workshop?

Naturally, you’ll wonder whether a self storage unit can actually be turned into a workshop. While that mightn’t be the case with some units, it is with Amberley Self Storage. Whatever hobbies you enjoy, you can use our units to engage in them. You’ll have no problem turning the unit you rent into a dream workshop, no matter the materials you work with.


You could naturally wonder why you should turn a self storage unit into a workshop. As it turns out, it offers more benefits than you’d think. Having somewhere to practise your craft safely is a given, but there’s far more than that. You can also:

  1. Have more space than you might have at home
  2. Keep your tools and materials secure, no matter what
  3. Engage in your hobbies whenever you want
  4. Avoid any interruptions
  5. Arrange your workshop whatever way you like

The benefits far outweigh any work turning a self storage unit into a workshop involves. If you’re already convinced, get in touch with us at Amberley Self Storage, and you’ll be one step closer to it.

Using Your Self Storage Unit As A Workshop

When you’re turning a self storage unit into a workshop, you’ll naturally have a few questions. What kind of workshop you can create is one of the more notable. Whether your hobbies include woodworking, painting, or anything else, you can create a workshop for it in a self storage unit.


person doing woodwork


Even mechanical work can be done in a self storage unit. You’ll have all the space you need to do all the work you want. Some of the other types of workshop you can turn a self storage unit into include:

  • An office space
  • A writing workshop
  • A production studio

There are few things you should keep in mind when you’re doing this, though. Keeping everything safe and secure is paramount, and you can’t make any permanent changes to the unit itself. You also wouldn’t be able to run an actual business from a unit. Hobbies only.

Get A Self Storage Unit Today

Turning a self storage unit into a workshop is a dream for many, but you can make it a reality. While there’ll be some work involved, it all starts with getting the right self storage unit for you. At Amberley Self Storage, we’ve got more than a few options for you.

No matter what your workshop needs are, we’ll meet them. Our secure facilities are trusted by countless clients, and we’re sure you’ll be happy, too. Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and set you up with the perfect self storage unit, no matter your hobbies.

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