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Decluttering is the process of removing unnecessary items from a room or area. If your home is untidy or overcrowded with too many items, then decluttering is your best option. Removing clutter will allow for more space in the house, space for things you actually need. Decluttering can also make you money and help you save money.


How to declutter your home?

Before starting the decluttering process, you should have a plan. It’s important to start and work on one section or area of your house at a time. Come up with a plan and decide where you’d like to start the decluttering process first. Gather all the tools you will need such as trash bags, sticky notes, boxes, and any organisers. It may be easier to start with the bigger items that take up more space. When separating items and placing them in bags, boxes or organisers, be sure to categorise them. Sticky notes or even index cards can be used to help organize items into these categories:

  • Things to keep
  • Things to trash
  • Things to sell/donate
  • Things to move to storage

Get started on clearing out and organising one area at a time and then put it in the necessary categories. Your plan should have included what areas you would like to tackle first. It may be smart to begin the decluttering process with the easiest place in your home. Make sure you have a designated area for the items you plan on keeping. Being organised ahead of time can save you a lot of time.


What to keep when decluttering your home?

So, how do you know what items you should keep when you’re decluttering your home? You may need to ask yourself a series of questions and be honest with the answers. When was the last time you used this item? If it has been more than six months and you haven’t used this item, then you probably need to get rid of it. Ask yourself if you love this item. Sometimes we keep items purely out of guilt and we really hate it. Ask yourself if you were moving to a new home, would you pack this item to bring with you. If so, then it’s worth keeping but if not, then decide whether you should sell it, donate it or trash it.


What to give away when decluttering your home?

If the item is not worth maintaining/cleaning or storing, then you may need to give it away when decluttering your home. If someone else can benefit from an item and you haven’t used it in a while, then you should donate it. This will help clear out your home and free up space for items that you need. If you are holding on to items because you fear you might end up needing them after you’ve thrown them away or donated them, then you need to overcome that fear and just let them go. Donating to charity is the best option if it can enrich someone else’s life.


What to move to storage when decluttering your home?

Storage units can help you declutter your home. Be sure to carefully decide on the items you plan to move to storage. Don’t just put items you don’t use or won’t need in your storage box or organiser when decluttering. Storage units are best for seasonal items such as holiday decorations or costumes that are taking up too much space in your home. You can also use self-storage units such as Ipswich Storage to store your bills, records or any paperwork that can be filed away until it’s time to shred or discard them.

Ipswich Storage provides over 300 storage units at three locations. When moving items from your home to storage, you’d want this process to be as easy as possible. Ipswich Storage has easy ground floor access for each unit on their property, which will aid in an uncomplicated moving process. The size of the storage unit you will need depends on how many items you plan to keep in there. Ipswich has many options to choose from when it comes to the size of their units. Decluttering your home is not always an enjoyable process but if you have a solid plan and stick to it, then it should be a worry-free process. Ipswich Storage takes pride in providing its customers with a worry-free experience with exceptional services.

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