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Working from home is highly appealing to anyone who wants to have less stress, decrease the amount of driving they have to do for their daily commute and spend more time with their family. But it also offers some unique challenges because of all the distractions in the home that can affect a person’s productivity. Luckily, we have some easy solutions to help reduce them though, including how to secure an Ipswich Storage unit.


Clear the clutter from your space

Not everyone has a spare room in their house that they can work out of. So, more often than not, they have to use a small corner of their bedroom or dining area instead. This often isn’t a problem unless a person has a house with a lot of stuff in it that gets in their way all the time. One good solution for this is to rent a self-storage unit from Ipswich Storage to put all the extra furniture, clothing, and household supplies. The units are also useful for storing stacks of file boxes full of paperwork, receipts, and projects that you need to hold on to.


Keep set hours

While working from home provides some flexibility in regards to your work schedule, it is still important to have set hours that are dedicated solely to your job. This will help you have an easy-to-follow routine that is crucial for staying focused on the tasks that you need to perform. It is also helpful for establishing boundaries with friends and family members who may be tempted to interrupt your work frequently throughout the day.


Stay organized

It is much easier to stay productive when you can find everything you need right away. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on supplies to organize your home office though. For example, a coffee cup makes the perfect container for holding pens and pencils. And staples, tape, and thumbtacks can be kept tidy in an old utensil tray. If you don’t have a file cabinet, you can keep all of your papers in folders to store in a box that is alphabetized and labeled. That way, you can easily take them to your Ipswich Storage unit when you are finished with them.


Look the part

One of the things that people who work from home enjoy the most is the fact that they don’t have to dress up in uncomfortable suits and high heels each day. But research has proven that it is easier to focus when you take the time to look your best for the job at hand. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to wear an expensive outfit to check your e-mails though. Just be sure to skip the pajamas in favor of something that makes you feel confident and motivated.

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