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Ipswich is the perfect place to live if you want an amazing choice of family-friendly activities. Whether you’re looking for something that toddlers or teens can enjoy, there’s so much to do after school, at the weekend, and during holidays. Ipswich may be only a short drive from Brisbane, but there’s no need to go into the big city to find things for your family to do. There’s plenty to explore right here, and Amberley Self Storage has gathered some of the very best activities for you and your family to try. Looking for more ideas or local info? Just get in touch with us and we’d be happy to help.


Top Family Activities In Ipswich

1. Explore Queens Park

Queens Park is the perfect destination if you’re looking for something to keep everyone occupied at short notice. It’s free and there are numerous things to do. Not only does it have a playground for younger ones, but there are also formal gardens that can be fun to explore or somewhere for everyone to take a quiet moment.

The Ipswich Nature Centre is one of the biggest draws at the park, and it’s easy to see why. It’s home to a variety of Australian wildlife and farm animals, from kangaroos and wombats to goats and snakes. The walk-through aviary is another highlight, with its assortment of birds. And all of this is free, making it a perfect place to drop in if you’re on a budget.


2. Pet Goats at Naughty Little Kids

If you’re looking for yet more animals, Naughty Little Kids is a great place for a day out at the weekend. This working dairy farm is open on Sundays, welcoming in anyone who wants to come and spend time with the goats. There are tours at several set times during the day and you can get the chance to bottle feed baby goats and even have a try at milking the adults. You also see how cheese is made from their milk and can sample some of the products made at the farm too, including cheese and gelato. You can reach the farm by car and find it at 1531 Ipswich Boonah Rd, Peak Crossing.

ipswich goat petting for families


3. Get Creative at Ipswich Art Gallery

Art galleries definitely don’t have to be boring for children. In fact, Ipswich Art Gallery takes care to provide engaging experiences for people of all ages. It has a fantastic range of displays and exhibitions, with a permanent gallery space that’s exclusively dedicated to children. This interactive space is perfect for getting kids engaged in art, letting them explore and find ways to be creative. You will often find events available for children and families too, with a rotating programme throughout the year that always offers something new. Of course, adults will love the gallery too, which is located in a heritage-listed building that was once the town hall.


4. Play in One of Ipswich’s Playgrounds

Ipswich has an excellent choice of playgrounds. You’re spoilt for choice with the great selection on offer and the variety of play equipment. Orion Mega Adventure Playground, located at Orion Springfield Centre, has huge slides, built-in trampolines, and a fun Sky Walk bridge.

In Jimboomba, Flagstone Adventure Park is a sprawling place to play. It has a huge tower with a suspension bridge and slides, plus a large climbing net. Both younger and older children can find fun things to do that match their age and abilities. When they’re not climbing, jumping or crawling through tunnels, kids can try out the swings, use the mini skate park on their bike or scooter, or play a game on the grass. Then there’s the adjacent water park, which is perfect for cooling off on a hot day.

You can also check out Tucker Family Park in Brentwood Forest and Grande Park at Springfield Lakes.


5. Check Out the Trains at the Rail Museum

The Workshops Rail Museum is the perfect place to visit if you have any train enthusiasts in your midst. It has its very own playground for little ones, where kids can get hands-on with a mini railway network. They can pedal through different stations on a trike and try out different roles for some imaginative play. Older children might enjoy the train simulators for another way to get interactive. There’s also a model railway display, activities, a close look at the science behind trains, and a maker space.

ipswich rail museum


Don’t Miss Out Ipswich’s Family Friendly Activities

Ipswich and its surrounding suburbs stand as a vibrant hub of family-friendly activities, providing a plethora of options for memorable experiences. From historical sites to recreational spaces, there’s something for every family to enjoy in this charming region. Whether you’re exploring the rich cultural heritage at the Ipswich Art Gallery, embarking on an adventure at the Workshops Rail Museum, or immersing yourselves in the natural beauty of Queens Park, Ipswich offers an array of opportunities for quality family time.

To further enhance your exploration and ensure you make the most of your family outings, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Amberley Self Storage. We’re not just a storage solution; we’re your local experts on all things Ipswich! If you’re seeking additional inspiration, ideas, or information about family activities in the area, our team is here to assist you. Whether it’s insider tips on hidden gems, upcoming events, or the best spots for a family picnic, we’re dedicated to making your Ipswich experience truly unforgettable.

At Amberley Self Storage, we understand the importance of creating lasting memories with your loved ones, and we’re committed to being your go-to resource for all things Ipswich. So, why not make the most of what this wonderful region has to offer? Reach out to us today, and let’s embark on a journey of family fun and discovery in Ipswich.

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