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If you’ve been thinking about starting your own self-storage business, you might be wondering what information you need to get started. Whether you’re a newbie to the entrepreneurial scene or you’ve got experience, taking on a self-storage business is a great way to make income on the side while providing a valuable service to people in your area. Amberley Self Storage is a prime example of what it takes to be successful in this industry. Let’s take a look at what you need to know before starting.


What is self-storage?

  • Self-storage is usually a large lot that’s filled with containers allowing people (residential or business) to store their belongings. Self-storage units are often secure, meaning any belongings stored on the facility are safe from any kind of theft.
  • Most kinds of self-storage units employ security guards to roam the site 24/7, but thanks to today’s technology, there are security surveillance systems that can be put in place to keep an eye on things so that the site doesn’t have to be manned.
  • Some self-storage containers also offer climate-controlled units which mean temperature controlled items can be stored safely too. This is ideal for businesses that may work in a small premises or even at home and need the extra space to store food or pharmaceutical items.
  • They come in many different sizes, but the size of the containers or lots you choose to build is completely up to you. They provide a convenient solution for people who need extra space that may not fit into their home or office, but don’t want to throw away or sell those items.


What do I need to successfully launch my self storage business?

Let’s take a look at some key considerations before launching your self-storage unit:

Market research

The first thing you’ll need to do is conduct some market research. Is there a need for self-storage in your area? Are there any competitors? Is there enough of your demographic in the area to make this business viable? This will help you tailor your self-storage unit to the needs and demands of the locals in your area.

Legal compliance

You’ll also need to check out any legalities surrounding your business idea. Are there any zoning laws or building codes you need to follow? Are there any local regulations that you need to read up on first. Going into this fully prepared will help you get it off the ground without a hitch.

Location and design

You need to find the perfect location for your self-storage unit. Building one that’s a little too out of the way for your demographic isn’t going to work well. Once you’ve found an amazing location that’s easily accessible, you need to think about design. Speak with an architect to see how you can maximise the space you have and design it accordingly.

Investment needed

Next you’ll need to work out the total investment you’ll need to make to begin with. Calculate the cost of the land, construction, security systems/guards, and any other operational expenses. Then, if you can’t fund it yourself, look at financing options such as loans or partnerships. Doing this will help the whole process go forward without any roadblocks.

Technology needed

Technology can really help when it comes to running your self-storage unit seamlessly. Keycards on gates and each individual container will allow customers to come and go at will without having to worry about anyone else accessing their belongings. You should also think about a user-friendly platform that makes it easy for customers to reserve and pay for their lots. Creating an online account will also help them change payment methods or update any other relevant information, including getting in touch with you if needed.

Safety and security measures

Key cards, as mentioned above, are a great way to ensure each container is as safe as possible. Pair that with a surveillance system and plenty of lighting and you’ll have a secure unit that people will feel safe leaving their belongings in. Building trust from the get-go is important.


Who is going to use your unit if no one knows about it? Advertise on social media, billboards, radio and local TV stations to raise awareness about your new self-storage business. Offer discounts and promotions on a regular basis to keep people coming back for more.

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Where can I get some help?

Running a self-storage unit takes more than what originally meets the eye. Amberley Self Storage is a great example of what it takes to be successful, and they can help you in your new venture! Why not get in touch today for some expert advice on building and successfully running your self-storage business?

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