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Renovating your home can make it more comfortable and improve its value. However, you must somehow get through the remodelling and renovation period to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Depending on the extent of the work that’s being done, your home can easily become too chaotic and messy to enjoy. One great way to alleviate much of this problem is by renting Self Storage Ipswich. Self storage units come in handy in all kinds of ways during renovations. That’s especially true when you know exactly how to make the most of them, so read on to learn more.


Make a game plan

Once you know the extent of the remodelling project that you are planning, you and your family should sit down and decide whether you will stay put or perhaps go stay with relatives or rent a hotel in the meantime. If you elect to stay at home while the work is being done, renting Storage in Ipswich will help to make the place more livable and pleasant in the meantime. Before the work is scheduled to begin, have a game plan in place: Will you be going elsewhere? If not, which rooms will be off-limits? Items from those rooms can be packed and placed into storage.


Perform an inventory

Self Storage units come in a variety of sizes and configurations, and it’s important to get a unit that is large enough to accommodate your things but not overly large where you would be paying for space that you’re not using. Perform an inventory of the items that will need to be placed in the unit while renovations are going on. This will give you a much better idea for how much space you will need. Many facilities can provide fairly accurate estimates for how much space you need based on a few pieces of information as well.


Pack items carefully

Just because you aren’t actually moving house doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take care while packaging items to be placed into Storage Ipswich. In fact, you should still pack everything with the same level of care that you would use for a cross-country trip. Even if the items are only being transported a few miles, it’s all too easy for mishaps to occur and for things to become broken. Use as much bubble wrap and other protective packaging that you need to ensure that everything will remain safe and sound until you’re ready to retrieve it all.


Enjoy more flexibility

Finally, by renting Storage in Ipswich during remodelling and renovations, you have more flexibility in the event that things don’t go quite as planned—and they often don’t. If the contractor extends the project, for example, you won’t have to scramble to figure out where to put everything in the meantime. You will also have a convenient place to bring items from home if you become concerned about their safety. In fact, you might opt to keep the unit even after the renovations are done because having the extra space is so nice.

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