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If your family tends to use your spare room as a spare closet, you’re not making the most of the space in your home. Whether for practical purposes or for pure fun, that excess space could be doing more than storing off-season clothes. Here, Amberley Self Storage Ipswich has put together a few ways on how to start maximising the efficiency — or enjoyment — of that extra room today.

Spare Room Prepping

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Before you even decide what to do with that extra square footage, you’ll need to clear out any clutter. Consider using Storage Ipswich to safeguard your belongings. A storage unit is perfect for stashing holiday decorations, seasonal clothing or furniture, seldom-used china, valuable collectibles and other household items. Donate or toss anything that hasn’t been used in a year and holds no sentimental value.

A Space for Everyone

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Now for the fun part — choosing what to do with your newly empty living area. Some families can benefit from a multi-purpose space, setting up work or play stations for everyone in the household. You might have a sewing table in one corner, a computer desk in another, and a play area in the center. The key is to create a plan so that everyone gets to spend time doing what they like. That might mean creating a schedule, or you could establish guidelines to ensure that everyone gets equal use of the space. Square footage will be at a premium, so double-check that all infrequently used or bulky items are in self Storage Ipswich.

Max out Room Functionality

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If your household doesn’t need a multi-functional room, you’ll have a lot more freedom in terms of maximising space. However, it’s possible to be flexible with the way a single-use room is used. Take a cue from tiny-house dwellers, and install furniture that can be tucked away when not in use. Attach a tray or small table to the wall for an instant desk or eating space. Stacking chairs can be stashed away at a moment’s notice when the family office needs to become the kids’ play area. A lidded bench allows you to store your craft supplies in style when hosting guests.

Create Your Fantasy Space

a multi functional room with an office desk and kitchen counter tops

For those who don’t need to share space, converting an extra bedroom can be especially fun. You’ll have full reign of the space, leaving you to decorate it exactly as you like. Take this opportunity to design the setup you’ve always wanted for your home office, playroom, guest bedroom or music studio. And if you’ve been clipping photos from home-decor magazines or watching your favourite home-makeover show religiously, this is your chance to fashion your dream room. You can even experiment with accent pieces or switch out your decor seasonally by placing currently unused items in Storage Ipswich. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your belongings are protected while you enjoy your beautiful, optimally functioning room.

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