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Putting together a home office doesn’t mean a trip to the furniture store. You can even avoid the office supply store if you get creative. You need storage tools, a flat space for your computer, and a way to track your time to best effect. Amberley Self Storage Ipswich has put together a few tips and tricks on making your home office a productive one!

Make Space

a clutter-free home office desk

To create a workspace, you can use an old slab door. Not only will this give you a sturdy deck for your laptop, but the handle hole can serve as a place to run cables and keep them out of your way. Invest in shelving or small file cabinets to serve as the desk base and you’ve immediately compounded your storage options. Make sure that your desk base plus the door results in a good working height. While saving on the desk, make sure to invest in a great chair. You can also use a yoga ball as a chair

Avoid Distractions

a white keyboard on a clean wooden desk

You may need to keep some things off-site at Storage Ipswich to create room for your home office. Try to keep flat surfaces in the room as clutter-free as possible. It may be tempting to put a large clock on the wall, but if you have to break away from what you’re doing to check the clock, you’re not focused. Instead, use your phone as a clock and a timer. If you have an hour to write, set your timer for an hour and work, undistracted, until the beeper goes off.

Make A Map

a woman using an ink pen to write

If you need to relocate items to Storage Ipswich to create more space in your home, be sure to create a map and keep a copy in the storage unit and at home. Store seasonal items in your storage unit and regularly used items at home. If you notice something is missing, you can refer to your map and relocate as necessary.

Go Up

office items on a black mount shelve

Once you know what you want to keep in your office space, work your way up the wall. Mount shelving or organising baskets in easy view so you can stay on top of bills and budget goals.

Stay Productive

woman using a laptop while bending over

At what time of day are you most productive? If you have an easier time focusing in the morning, block out that creative and productive time for yourself and schedule that time in your office space. For those who are more of a night owl, spend your early mornings doing more mundane tasks that take no creativity and block your evenings for what you want to do. Forcing yourself to be productive when your brain is tired is a waste of your energy. You likely will not be happy with the results.

Avoid Guilt

a woman reaching out to the boxes on the shelves

Also, don’t waste time on guilt over things. If you have possessions that are constantly underfoot and you’re not sure if you want to keep them, relocate to Storage Ipswich until you’ve made your decision.

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