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Apartment-living doesn’t have to mean cramped quarters and cluttered surfaces. If you find yourself downsizing or it’s your first time out on your own, knowing how to maximise your apartment space will make all the difference in your new home. Following even just one of these tips from Storage Ipswich will help make a smaller space feel spacious and welcoming.

Invest in Storage Furniture

 books stacked on a wooden shelf in a small room

The best way to make a small space functional is to choose double-duty furniture. Many ottomans on the market allow for storage of blankets, shoes, games, or anything else you need tucked away. Even better is that the right kind of ottoman can also serve a third purpose as a coffee table. Set a serving tray on top for drinks or décor, and you have a multi-functional piece of furniture.

Trunks, benches, and beds with room for storing underneath are all examples of furniture that have additional storage. In a small home, double-duty furniture is the way to go.

Minimise Clutter

woman vacuuming the floor while girl is cleaning the table

Once you find ingenious furniture pieces that also serve as storage, it’s time to declutter. Not only is clutter and mess an inefficient way to live in a small space, but it can also significantly impact mood and stress levels. Go through the different areas of your home and get rid of or repurpose old or rarely used items. If an item is broken, outdated, or does not make you happy, consider donating it.

When downsizing and decluttering a space, consider visiting IKEA for inspiration for a more minimalist way of decorating and living. Also, consider the “rule of three”- one small surface looks best with three items. More than three things look cluttered, and less than three items are a waste of functional space. Just remember-less is more.

Foldable Furniture

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Furniture that can only be out when you want it is next-level space maximisation. Foldable furniture is handy when your space is small, and you don’t always need pieces of furniture, such as a kitchen table. Perhaps you only sit at your table to eat a quick breakfast or for the odd occasion when someone comes over. If this is the case, there are ingenious dining tables that fold up (chairs and all) into a movable kitchen island or side table. When you don’t have space, this is an attractive solution to the problem.

Rent a Storage Unit with Storage Ipswich

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When all else fails, and you have too many belongings for your new small space, it’s time to rent a storage unit. The peace of mind that comes with choosing a safe and secure storage company, like Storage Ipswich, is worth the extra monthly cost. With 24-hour surveillance, easy drive-up access, and online booking and move in, Storage Ipswich is a smart choice when you have more belongings than your apartment will fit.

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