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The new year always brings the want to make changes and improvements to our life. One area where making even little changes can have a dramatic effect is in our homes. Other than work or school, it’s the place where you are likely to spend most of your time, so making it someplace that makes you feel happier is always a smart investment. You can always place items into Storage Ipswich for safekeeping while you decide what to do.

If you could use some inspiration to complete an improvement project – or a total home makeover, here are some ideas to motivate you.


Minimalistic living room with couch

Decluttering is one of the most significant trends happening today. Over time, it isn’t unusual to begin accumulating more stuff. If you’ve found that you’ve collected more items than you need, your home could appear untidy or disorganized. There are many ways to handle the abundance of things overrunning your home. If you need to move items out immediately, Storage Ipswich offers secure offsite storage facilities to ensure that your overcapacity of belongings stay dry and free from damage until you make further arrangements. For people who have spent a significant amount of money on large or bulky items, such as furniture, Storage Ipswich is a straightforward way to declutter your home and bring things back to the basics. Alternative solutions to Storage Ipswich when decluttering your home might include donating unwanted or unneeded items to charity, selling the items for extra cash, giving them away to family or friends, or throwing stuff away. Whichever you decide, you’re likely to feel a little more free not having all these items holding you back.

Fresh Coat Of Paint

Interior room being painted ladder

It’s unbelievable how much difference a fresh coat of interior paint can make to your home and surroundings. If you are searching for an affordable project for a complete home makeover, new paint is it! These days, there are so many beautiful colours and hues from which to choose. And, by choosing complementary colour schemes, you can create the feeling of a larger space, a brighter environment, or a warmer ambience throughout your home. Another advantage of this type of project is that you can take it on as a do-it-yourself project, or work with professional painting contractors to complete the work. Either way, you decide to go, you are sure to enjoy all of the benefits that a new painting affords your home.

Adding Smart Features

Lady using smart device on walll

These days, people can have more control than ever before by adding Smart technology to their home. For instance, installing a smart thermostat helps keep your home at the ideal temperature, regardless of whether you are home or away. In turn, this helps to make your energy bill more manageable all seasons of the year. Further, adding smart technology appliances such as refrigerators helps you manage your shopping more efficiently. When you run out of a needed item such as milk, the technology in the fridge reminds you to buy (or order) more on your next shopping trip. Smart technology can also help with controlling ambient lighting and keeping a watchful eye on visitors who arrive at your front door.

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