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If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas this year, now might be the perfect time to choose a wonderful travel destination for the holiday season. These towns and cities are remarkably beautiful during Christmastime, and their chilly climate makes them perfect stops for travelers keen to experience a snowy and memorable Christmas. Book your tickets and safeguard your possessions in Yamanto Storage and enjoy your time this holiday period.

1. Salzburg, Austria

Christmas in Salzburg

The hometown of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Salzburg combines the charm of a historical Austrian city with the cultural resources of a world-class travel destination. Its wintry environs in December and proximity to the Alps also make it a perfect place to spend a snowy Christmas vacation. Before setting out on a trip to Salzburg, travelers should also be sure to take advantage of great deals on Yamanto Storage to ensure that their belongings are kept safe and secure over the holidays.

2. Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Christmas in Quebec City, Canada

One of Canada’s most charming and welcoming cities, Quebec’s chilly northern setting can make it a perfect white Christmas getaway. The city’s 16th Century origins give the environs here a distinctly historical feel, and nestled within one of the city’s most historic districts, Old Quebec provides travelers with a chance to experience the warmth of Canadian culture at its best. Around Christmastime, visitors can expect to encounter wonderful decorations, age-old shops, and a vibrant nightlife. Truly, Christmas traveling doesn’t get much better than this.

3. Helsinki, Finland

Christmas market in Helsinki, Finland

Colloquially known as the “Christmas City,” Helsinki’s holiday decorations are world-famous for their charm and ingenuity. The city’s northern climate and warm, inviting culture also make it a perfect destination for a white Christmas. While the region was first settled thousands of years ago, Helsinki proper was founded in earnest in the 16th Century. Its colorful architecture still retains an age-old feel and makes Helsinki one of the most popular tourist destinations in Northern Europe. Helsinki’s proximity to both Russia and Scandinavia also makes the city a fascinating meeting point between Eastern and Western Europe.

4. Moscow, Russia

Christmas markets in Moscow Russia

In December, it can be difficult to beat Moscow for its sheer scale of Christmas celebration. Moscow has some of the chilliest Christmas temperatures of any global population center, but an evening stroll here at Christmastime makes it easy to forget the cold. Indeed, visitors to Moscow will often feel as though they’ve been whisked away into their favorite childhood Christmas story. Moscow’s distance can make it quite a trek to get to, so travelers should safeguard possessions in Yamanto Storage before heading out to this remarkable and compelling region.

5. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole, Wyoming Christmas

Jackson Hole is famous for its world-class skiing and for the sheer number of billionaires and celebrities who call the town home: Kanye West, Harrison Ford, and Tiger Woods all maintain part-time residences within the region. And one glance at Jackson Hole’s stunning natural surroundings make it easy to see why so many people flock here in December: The town’s proximity to Yellowstone National Park and the Teton Mountain Range makes it the perfect Christmastime destination for people who love the outdoors. Prior to embarking on a trip to this wonderful destination, of course, travellers should also be sure to keep their personal belongings safe by checking out great deals on Yamanto Storage!

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