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Storage is useful. People use Amberley Self Storage Ipswich for many various things – including when they travel, renovate, or simply to keep items away from prying eyes. Storage can also be used for other reasons. If you do a lot of business selling things, it’s helpful to keep your stock in Storage Ipswich when you’re not using them. This way, you can avoid damaged goods. You can also place things in storage when you’re moving. Keeping something in storage as you move is an ideal way to help make any move much easier. While storage can be incredibly useful, there are some things you can’t put in any storage facility.

Dangerous Materials

flammable materials such as bleach and paint

Materials that might be dangerous in some way cannot be put in storage. This is for your protection as well as the protection of all those who are using the storage facility. Items gas and oil need to stored in a very safe space using specifically developed containers. This is because they can easily catch fire. Large qualities of such items can pose a serious health hazard to any facility that is not equipped to deal with them. You don’t want to store paint, fireworks, or biological waste in a space where they might not be safe. If a fire starts, it can engulf your items and the items of other people who are storing their things if it is not put out quickly.

Perishable Foods

table filled with food including salmon and eggs

Another item that is best to avoid storing in any kind of storage facility are items that are likely to go bad quickly. Food that is not canned and sterilised can present a hazard in any storage facility. It can go bad rapidly. As it does, it may give off odours no one wants. The food can also attract bugs. The same is true of items like produce, dairy, rice and any cereal products. Pet food may also have the same issues with accumulation of moisture and water damage over time.


assortment of potted plants

Plants should never be kept in any kind of storage facility. A storage unit may not be property ventilated in order to ensure that kind of air flow. The unit may also not have enough drainage for the plants. Even insects are not allowed into a storage unit. The insects can easily get away from one unit and pose a problem for other items being stored there. People should also avoid using a storage unit as a means of shelter. The unit does not follow the kind of detailed residential codes that are necessary for any form of short-term or long-term human habitation.

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