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If you live in a small apartment, you understand the beauty and charm of such a space. But you cannot ignore the fact that you’ll also have to deal with other challenges such as not being able to buy big furniture and having to declutter from time to time. The feeling of being squeezed into space is overwhelming. But there are many ways to make your small apartment seem bigger, which also involves renting some space at Ipswich Storage.

White colored bedroom interior

Introduce Art Gallery

One way to make your small apartment look spacious is to introduce the gallery walls. Large pieces of art in the wall have an excellent way of making the walls seem bigger. This will reflect on your entire space. You can scatter your art pieces throughout the house instead of putting everything on one side of the wall. Hanging the artwork on the entire space makes the room feel open and fresh.

Scale Down

When you live in a small apartment, you have to let go of the large and heavy furniture. These tend to occupy more space in the room which you’d rather use for other things. You can do well with a rather sleek sofa, giving you enough sitting space without occupying too much space. Don’t worry if you already have that bulky furniture. You can get some to Ipswich Storage and keep them safe until you get enough space.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors add an instant space to your room. You can put them anywhere in your room and let them do the work on your behalf. If used well, they introduce a feeling of openness which you need so you don’t feel squeezed. They do this by reflecting light and reflecting your view. This tricks your eyes into perceiving the presence of more space.

Paint the Walls with Neutral Colors

Neutral colors on the wall have a fantastic way of bringing light in and creating an illusion to your space. If you’re renting, you can ask your landlord to let you change the paint. Only do this if you’re sure you’re going to live there for a long time. Also, make other pieces such as your décor and furniture look as neutral as possible.

loungeroom with couch

Statement Lighting

Lighting is another way to add a statement to your walls. Choose light textures that add shape and texture to your room. Keeping your space lit makes it appear spacious. The lighting fixtures also work as sculptural art that you can a touch of beauty to your room.

Use Furniture with Legs

Legged furniture creates a sense of openness. They allow light to enter the room and under it, making them appear as if they’re floating. Choose stools that come with thinner legs instead of sofa with hidden legs.

Keep Things Simple

As much as you want to make your room seem spacious, please don’t overdo it. In everything you do, you should prioritise keeping everything as simple as possible. Avoid using busy patterns, prints, and too much color, as this will make your space seem crowded. If you paint the walls, stick to a single shade. Declutter your room and get the extra items to Ipswich Storage.

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