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Did you ever wish that you had somewhere to hide your shoes? Or that you could put your dog somewhere he wouldn’t bother the guests? Or maybe there’s a place to store the extra cooking utensils? Vertical storage closets solved all these problems and more and when that isn’t enough – a self storage unit at Amberley Self Storage can help.

If you are running out of space in your home and you want to reclaim even just a few square feet, vertical storage closets should be on your list of things to consider. They are ideal for storing long items like ladders, skis, fishing rods, or gardening tools. They are also perfect for storing seasonal clothing and other items that aren’t needed all year.

Vertical storage closets have been around for a long time but they were only available in one size. The advent of the Internet changed all that. Now, custom closet designers are offering all sorts of options and upgrades to make your storage closet even more useful.

Modern Vertical Closet

Why buy a vertical storage closet?

Other than storing your ladders, skis, fishing rods, and other long items vertically, vertical closets have the following advantages:

  1. They can be installed in your basement or workshop. The floor space required for a traditional closet is 4 to 5 feet (1.22 to 1.52 meters) but it doesn’t have to be so large since most storage closets are designed as one-third of the floor area of conventional closets.
  2. Vertical storage closets can be used for more than one use. Usually, the first step is to store your longer items, such as ladders, skis, and fishing rods. Once those are out of the way, you can start to shift some of your seasonal clothing in there as well.
  3. Vertical storage spaces are ideal for storing things like cleaning supplies and gardening tools out of sight but still close at hand.
  4. Vertical storage closets can easily be added to an existing closet and are great for renters as well.
  5. They are safe to use because they don’t require attic access or an entire room for storage.
  6. They offer a perfect environment for storing off-season clothing.
  7. They can provide extra space for children’s playrooms, mudrooms, and craft rooms, creating a positive use of wasted space in your home.

If a verticle storage solution isn’t quite enough Amberley Self Storage Ipswich Storage can help you reclaim that extra space. With storage units of all different sizes available, you’ll have plenty of room to keep your possessions safe and secure.



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