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If you get up too late in the day to enjoy breakfast or if you want a light meal until time to eat dinner, then consider eating brunch at one of the many café’s in Ipswich. Most of the locations that you can visit offer beautiful views of the city streets as well as views of the surrounding scenery.


Rafter and rose

As the name implies, you will see pictures of roses as well as rose bushes when you enter the charming cafe. From French toast with berries and whipped cream to large slices of cheesecake and pie, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Seating is available inside or outside on the small patio.


Queens park cafe

This is one of the café’s in Ipswich that is located in the centre of the city. You can see all of the bustling activity on the sidewalks and streets while enjoying your meal. The coffee is made fresh each day with fresh beans along with a variety of creams that can be added. There is also a large selection of small cakes on the brunch menu.


Beans and greens

Enjoy a healthy brunch meal at this popular destination in Ipswich. Fresh juices are served each day. The acai bowl is a menu item to try that includes fresh berries. This is a cafe to visit if you have a clean diet or want to eat cleaner foods.


Cafe 63

The menu of the small cafe changes on a regular basis so that the same items aren’t offered each day. It’s in an area of the city with several other restaurants but stands out from others because of its outdoor seating and the casual environment.

Deann’s coffee house

Start your day with a cup of coffee from this cafe gem. Located near the cinema, this is an option to consider if you want to get a beverage or a light meal before going to see a movie. The inside of the restaurant has a retro design with fun images on the walls and detailed furnishings.


Lotus cafe

This is another cafe in the city that offers fresh food selections and vegetarian options. Wraps are a good option to consider for brunch as well as the smaller vegetable burgers that are served.

Jamaica blue

When you arrive at this modern cafe, you will see the blue designs on the windows and doors before viewing the contemporary and comfortable seating inside. Vegetarian options are available. The coffee is one of the primary reasons as to why so many people visit.


Dancing bean espresso

The aroma of coffee wafts through the air as soon as you enter the cafe. Seating options are available near the windows, allowing you to see the sidewalks and the general area of Ipswich. Beans are roasted daily so that coffee is as fresh as possible.


Nourish real food cafe

This is a cafe where you can get hearty meals for brunch. Dishes are designed in a beautiful manner, such as rows of fresh fruit slices on a plate. A menu item that many people enjoy is the eggs with bacon and fresh tomato slices.

Urban pantry

Although the cafe is small, there are plenty of tables, many that look out the large window so that you can see what’s taking place in town while eating. Brunch items include lamb salad and a variety of cakes.

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