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If you spend a lot of time in your bedroom and feel like it’s time to give it a makeover, there are several ways to do it. You can use one or all of the suggestions in this guide. Keep in mind that revitalising your bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of your clothes and seasonal items. You can still keep them and put them in an Ipswich storage unit.


Get a new furniture set

Perhaps your furniture is mismatched or outdated. If this is the case, invest in a new coordinating furniture set. Alternately, you can buy older pieces to sand and repaint yourself if you like DIY projects. You may want to keep your old furniture to give away or use again someday, and you can still do that if you simply cover it and move it to your Ipswich storage unit.


Repaint the walls

One of the cheapest ways to revitalise your bedroom is to freshen up the walls. You can paint one wall a different colour if you want to add a brighter focal point. If you want to splurge and hire someone to paint a mural on one wall, you can choose one that has a new theme that you want to use or one that matches your current decorating theme. There are also ways to texture the walls if you want to liven them up. For example, some people add baking soda to interior paint to give it an appearance that is similar to chalk paint.


Add new window treatments and bedding

If you don’t want to paint, rearrange your furniture or buy new furniture, you can choose different curtains and a bedding set. You may have always wondered what a different colour or pattern of bedding would like against your walls and with your decorating theme. If this is the case, a bedding set and curtains are good choices. Also, you can buy plush new bed pillows to make your bedroom more inviting and your sleep more enjoyable.


Clean and reorganise the room

When you’re on a tight budget but want to see some form of change in your room, you can clean it thoroughly and reorganise it. Utilise totes and other storage containers. If you need more space to keep any of your belongings, you can put them in your Ipswich storage unit. A storage unit is especially nice if you don’t want to severely limit your future purchases.


Add new lighting fixtures

Adding ambiance to your bedroom is an excellent way to make it feel more inviting. For example, you can add soft wall lights behind your bed’s headboard. You can also install recessed lighting, track lighting or another type of desired fixture on the ceiling. If you don’t want to invest the money and labour in such fixtures, consider adding a salt lamp or another type of lamp that has a wall plug.

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