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A self-storage facility makes life a lot easier by providing you with the required storage resources, either for your home or your business. Finding the perfect facility can be a daunting task, especially if you`re unaware of the key things to look out for. Below are some of the amenities that you should consider when looking for a self-storage space in Ipswich.

Premium Security

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It goes without saying that storage is all about safety. Whether you are looking to store home valuables, important business resources, or even unused amenities, security must come first! Look for stores that offer 24-hour CCTV surveillance. On top of consistent surveillance, alarm doors and locks are also must- haves. Be sure to select a select a storing service based on the level of security guaranteed. Remember, the tighter the security, the better your chances of being a satisfied customer in Ipswich


Ample Outdoor and Indoor Lighting

The importance of lighting cannot be understated when it comes to storing items. Proper outdoor lighting prevents intruders from attempting to sneak into the premises. Even more important is the organization that emerges from well illuminated stores. Indoor lighting is critical in keeping your things in order as it will be easier for staff, yourself, or supervisors to make routine visits and easily detect even the slightest of changes.


Adequate Space

The greatest error made by clients is compromising on space in efforts to minimize overall costs. Well, in all honesty, it is impossible to safeguard important amenities without allowing for adequate space. When looking for a storage service in Ipswich, you must prioritize space just as much as security. Ensure there is adequate space for walkways and ease of access. Clumping up your belongings, whether home or work- related, will significantly increase the chances of damage. The best advice is to avoid the ‘perfect fit’ mentality and go for slightly larger spaces that will ensure all your property fits well. It might cost you more, but the outcome will be worth it. 



Support or Staffing Services

Storing items is not just about finding the perfect location to deposit luggage, household or business items. Always be on the look-out for staff members, their overall attitude and reachability. A reliable and highly accountable team of professionals will offer several guarantees. First, you will receive regular updates on your property. This implies that you will be informed on potential changes in policies, prices or even location in case the need arises. In as much as support services might not appear hugely significant, it is important to ensure that you entrust your property with a team of accountable and easy to reach professionals.

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