Modern houses are getting smaller and smaller, and most people can do with extra storage space. And unless you are highly organised and clutter free, you will be stuck with a garage filled with unused items you simply cannot bear to throw away. At Amberley Self Storage, we’ve seen this problem all too often…

For most people the solution comes in the shape of a Self Storage unit, and many people are using their space effectively and efficiently, but there are many people who are paying for more space than they need, or they are not keeping their locker neat and tidy, making it really difficult for them to find anything they might need.

At Amberley Self Storage we want people to make the most from their Self Storage experience, and we want people to enjoy the benefits of renting a Self Storage space. So to add value to your stay, we’ve provided a list of Self Storage self-help tips.

  • Keep the weather in mind, if the heat is on outside, it is likely to be getting warm inside. So store items that are heat sensitive in climate controlled areas, and if they are not available, then pack in a way that will protect the items when a heatwave passes through.
  • Always consider convenience. When selecting a storage space, consider its location, think how often you’ll need to access the storage unit, and make sure that if you have big items, that you can move them in and out easily.
  • Take inventory of your items. This will allow you to keep control of your Self Storage unit, but also allow you to easily access any item you need, when you need it.
  • Elevate your items. Whilst storage units are dry and protected from the elements, keeping items elevated helps with their protection from dust and moisture. Plus, it is easier to access your property if they are slightly elevated.
  • Be aware of the access hours, public holiday hours and any other restrictions that might stop you from accessing your Amberley Self Storage unit at short notice.
  • Make use of online facilities. At Amberley Self Storage we allow 24/7 online move-ins, making your life more convenient.

Amberley Self Storage is the number one choice for Self Storage in Amberley, the RAAF base area and Ipswich. Contact us today, and feel free to ask about ways to enhance your Self Storage experience.

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