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A mattress can last for over ten years with perfect care. Mattresses or other spongy items are extremely expensive investments. So, always think twice about how you store one in your storage units. Whether you are storing your mattress or other soft goods for a short period, or for a longer time frame, mattress storage shouldn’t be a daunting task. The following steps and tips will help you to store your mattress safely and securely in your storage unit.

How Do You Prepare Your Mattress for Storage?

Making sure that your mattress is ready for storage is not a walk in the park. It is the first and the most crucial step to ensuring that your soft goods are in good condition for the longest time possible. Here is what you’re supposed to do:

1. Clean Your Mattress

A woman dry cleaning a mattress

First and foremost, clean your mattress. Unclean soft goods like mattresses can easily invite bedbugs, dust mites as well as encourage the growth of moulds. Cleaning your mattress for Ipswich Storage should not be a complicated process—you only need two things; some baking powder and a good vacuum cleaner.

Start by vacuum cleaning the top, sides, and bottom to get rid of all the dust and debris. Then dash the top of the mattress with baking soda and leave it there for some hours before vacuum cleaning it too. If your mattress is double-sided, flip it over and do the same to the opposite side. This will ensure your mattress is clean and deodorised as new, no matter the time you store it.

2. Wrap the Mattress with a Plastic Bag

A woman wrapping mattress with a plastic cover

Moisture and stains are the top threats to all your soft goods. To ensure that your mattress is safely and securely stored away from any contacts that can stain or moisturise it, keep it in thick plastic bags or sheets. If you are using a plastic sheet, always go for a large sheet that you can fold over to provide extra layers on the edges that are more susceptible to wear and tear in the storage unit.

3. Moving Your Soft Goods/Mattress to Storage

A couple moving a mattress up the stairs

The most probable thing is that you are preparing your mattress for Ipswich Storage at your home, after which you’ll need to transport it to another location. You can transport by van, a truck, or a pickup as far as there is ample room to stack and tape it down.

Whether you choose to place the mattress flat or on its side, ensure that it’s tightly strapped to avoid movement. If possible, avoid transporting your mattress on the roof of your car or truck as the risk risks of sliding off are too high in this position.

4. Don’t Put Other Objects Over Your Mattress

A couple moving a mattress

It an obvious thing that your storage unit might be holding a lot of your other valuables. But always ensure that your mattress has a special place in the unit—don’t place anything on top of it to prolong its life. Mattresses or other spongy material compress naturally under any weight. So, do not speed up this process by placing anything over it in the Ipswich Storage unit.

5. Complete it with an Extra Cover

A person covering a mattress with a dust cover

Although your mattress is wrapped in a plastic bag or sheet, it may be susceptible to small folds or fine dust. To prevent this, cover your mattress after placing it in a special place of your Ipswich Storage. This will give your mattress extra protection.

Following the above steps will keep your mattress clean and well maintained in the Ipswich Storage until the next time you need it.

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