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It’s not easy to move house. Switching over your utility contracts, packing all of your belongings, and deciding where you’d like to live anew in the first place takes time, effort, and money.


This is why it’s best to have everything prepared and ready before the moving day comes. While you may use a removalist service to help you transport your prized possessions from A to B, driving long distances, packing and unpacking, and managing your family the whole time will all be rather stressful.


But is it possible for moving house to be stress-free, and even comfortable? We believe it can. Let’s discuss how:



  • Set the itinerary.



It’s good to plan a house move like a business event. Assigning responsibility between yourself and your partner, and perhaps trusted members of your family too, is the first step – as is assigning accountability.


Writing down a laundry list of tasks to complete clarifies your direction. Setting deadlines for each task ensures steady progress. We’d recommend opening a shared Word document or noting through your favourite cloud notes platform to collaborate effectively.


It might be your job to arrange for your internet to be disconnected by moving day, and the technician to arrive with your new router at the next property within days of arrival. Your partner may be responsible for purchasing top boxes to transport luggage with your car. Tick off each outcome, and categorise them based on moving your items, utilities, or paperwork to complete.











  • Use worthwhile conveniences.



It’s important to use worthwhile conveniences to make the whole process easier to deal with. Removalists may offer packing services to ensure you’re given the best insurance options, as when they package your goods they can approve the inventory and ensure it’s been stored to standard. 


Alternatively, an important service many home-movers find value in is Amberley self-storage. Self-storage units allow you to keep your prized possessions safe, ready for whenever you need to collect them. This will help you more easily prepare your house for the move without having to pack your prized possessions yet, or any collections and valuable inventory you have at the household. 


Self-storage units are round-the-clock secure, privately held, offer clean conditions, and can allow for long-term storage at a highly reasonable cost. This helps remove the stress and encroaching deadline for movers, especially those who may be moving from a number of properties, those who need to declutter, or who may own many possessions.


Finally, a cleaning service can be very helpful once all of these items have been removed. It’s good to leave your property in its best condition, but you have better things to do than scrub on your hands and knees. A full service from head to toe, with appropriate carpet cleaning, can make a real difference.



  • Segment Your Travel Into Breaks



Commuting itself can be stressful, especially if you have young children to think about. When you move from place to place, you need to bring your vehicles with you, so a long drive might be in order, too. 


Depending on where you live, this might mean multiple days of travel. It’s good to break this up into drives of no more than six hours each day. Give yourself time to rest, eat, stretch your legs, and sleep, perhaps booking yourself in at accommodations and hotels along the way. 


This helps you arrive without feeling that tired sense of commuter’s lag, and children or the elderly will feel able to deal with a journey segmented into shorter bursts. You might even place your pet into a shelter for the time being to save them the long drive, and then return to pick them up, flying back to your new home the next day.



  • Pack Plenty Of Refreshments



Everyone knows what it’s like to be “hangry,” but the tired feelings associated with moving and travelling can make this exponentially worse. It’s good to pack lunches and drinks, as well as teas and coffees in thermal flasks to ensure you feel absolutely focused and comforted during your travel, as well as before and after the move.


When you’re eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of sleep, you feel so much better, and feel less turbulent. That’s important during an objectively turbulent time of your life.


To summarise, moving anywhere, but especially the orbit of your home life from place to place can be stressful. That’s why it’s good to give yourself space to plan, to use conveniences that aid you, and to remain aware of your own needs.


With that planning and services like Amberley self-storage, you’re sure to enjoy a fun and stress-free move.

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