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The old adage states, ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression’. This is true for the home as well. If you want your home to make a stunning impact, start at the door.

A magnificent entryway tells visitors that the rest of your home will be spectacular as well. It sets up their mind to expect clean, beautiful furnishings and welcoming spaces beyond. First, however, you must set the stage with an entryway that ‘wows’ your visitors.

How is this achieved? Key details that draw the eye area good starting point. Here are a few suggestions to help make your entryway the focal point of your home:

  • Big Mirrors
  • Chandelier
  • Detailed Door
  • A Beautiful Carpet
  • Antiques
  • Statues
  • Floral Arrangements

Make More Space

An organised entryway

Before you begin the entryway makeover from drab to dramatic, decide on what to do with the hall tree, grandmother’s antique bench and the hall table. A good idea is to place the pieces in a trusted storage facility, like Ipswich Storage. Make sure the facility has excellent security, good lighting, easy access, and climate control to protect all of your valuable items.

Upon emptying the entryway of all the furnishings, you can clearly see the space you have. Now, you can envision the entryway of your dreams. Do you want elegant and classic or bold and modern? The choices are yours. The first thing people will see is the door, so it’s a good idea to start there.

Brightly Coloured Doors

An entryway with indoor plants

If you’ve decided on modern and bold, you may consider a brightly coloured door that makes a statement. For a more sedate and classy entryway, there are doors filled with carvings, details and glass to please the eyes. Once you’ve chosen the door, place your old door in Ipswich Storage. You can sell it later to pay for more home improvements.

Dramatic Lighting

An entryway with warm lighting

Next, imagine walking into your home. The dramatic lighting will set the mood. A chandelier of a crystal can throw prisms of light onto your beautiful new look. Or you could choose an eye-catching modern lighting display with colourful glass tiles or double-helix designs. Remember to choose a chandelier that compliments your door. You do not want a contemporary door and a classic chandelier to clash with each other.

The lighting is going to reflect on your floor coverings when you walk inside. Do you love the heirloom Oriental rug, but it doesn’t fit your theme? Put it away in Ipswich Storage for future generations and find the perfect rug for your new look. Purchase some large mirrors. These will give the illusion of more space and airiness. They are also perfect for a last-minute look before leaving or entering the home.

Vivid Tropical Flowers

Colourful succulent potted flowers

Finally, add the finishing touches, a large vase with vivid tropical flowers, an antique hall table, elegant statuary or pictures – whatever you envision to bring your image to life.

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