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Living in Amberley or anywhere in the Ipswich region and planning a big move? Or you are planning a big move heading our way…

Now you’ve finally taken the big step. You’ve filled out the paperwork, paid your deposit, packed up your clutter – it’s finally time to sort out your life using an Amberley Self Storage unit. You stand in front of the unit, things in hand, and the task is… daunting. What first? Where to put important things? How will you fit it all in? Fortunately for you, packing storage units are an art that requires little skill. With the know-how this article will give you, before you know it you’ll be well on your packing that Amberley Self Storage unit and wondering what you ever found so difficult.

What to pack

While storage units are an easily-accessible storage solution, it’s important to understand the speed bumps that come with storing your possessions away from your abode. Amberley Self Storage units are ideal for the items in your life that you don’t have everyday use for, but that you could never throw away – whether that be for sentimental reasons or that they’re simply a rare-use thing (like Christmas decorations). You have to remember when packing your unit that these items aren’t as accessible as they are at your house, the last thing you want s to have to drive to the unit every day to pick something up – no matter how accessible the facility is.

How to pack

With storage units, it’s important to optimise the use of space while still keeping your items accessible. It can be a pain to unload an entire unit to retrieve one item. When packing your unit, make sure you consciously assess how often you’ll need every item you pack, and pack accordingly. That means little-use at the back, frequent-use at the front.

It can also be handy for space management to pack your items into boxes, Amberley Self Storage sell them at the front desk.


Access to your storage unit is limited to people with keys. So use your own lock, and keep the keys in a safe place. Our units are safe and secure, offering 24-hour surveillance, CCTV cameras and access control at the gate. We recommend insuring the items in your unit.

There are many more tips I could give about packing units, but you will soon discover that it is an art that is learnt best with practice. So get packing, and the team at Amberley Self Storage in the Ipswich area will be ready for you when you need us.

Amberley Self Storage supports the communities of Amberley, the RAAF Air Force Base and the general Ipswich area. So if you need storage solution, give us a call today.


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