Breaking up is emotionally difficult, and the longer you’ve been together the more complicated it can get. When you need to divvy up your possessions, things can get even harder. Here are some tips for using Self Storage in Ipswich from Amberley Self Storage to help you deal with a breakup.

  1. Pets – Deciding who gets to keep your pets can be gut wrenching, but it’s important to remember you need to do whatever is in the best interest of the pet. Who’s the best equipped to care for it? Who has the best facilities for the pet?
  2. Friends – When you’re in a long-term relationships, you tend to befriend each other’s friends and even make new friends together as a couple. Ideally, of course, everyone should remain on good terms after a breakup, but in reality it can be a lot more complicated than that. Asking mutual friends not to discuss the breakup with you or your ex will help.
  3. Purchases – Make a list of all the items in your home and make note of who bought what wherever possible. As a general rule, whoever paid for the item should get to keep it, but if you can’t recall, read on for more advice.
  4. Usage – If the ownership of an item is uncertain, consider who uses it the most. Who’s most likely to benefit from keeping it, and who’s more likely to shove it into a closet and forget about it? The person who will use the item the most should get to keep it.
  5. Split – If there are any big-ticket items, like expensive furniture or electronics, you need to come up with a different solution. One person can buy the other out, or you can trade one item for another to try and keep things as fair as possible.
  6. Self Storage in Ipswich – The time between breaking up and moving out can be quite awkward. Using Self Storage in Ipswich can be a great storage solution because you can temporarily store disputed belongings until you’re both more level headed.

Breakups can be stressful and upsetting; however, you’re sure to start feeling better once the logistics of moving out have been sorted. With Self Storage in Ipswich from Amberley Self Storage, you’ll be able to get there more easily.

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