The kitchen is the heart of your family home, so it’s no wonder kitchens easily become messy and unorganised. Your cabinets and drawers can fill up quickly, and your bench space can start to fill up with items that don’t have a dedicated place of their own. There are a few kitchen storage hacks you can use to create a more organised kitchen space, including using Self Storage in Ipswich from Amberley Self Storage.

Use racks

Adding some racks with attached storage jars can be perfect for storing spices and other kitchen items. You can store these on your bench, or hang them on the back of your cupboard and cabinet doors to save counter space. You can store a variety of ingredients on these racks to make them easily accessible while you’re cooking.

Take it away

Take some time to go through everything in your kitchen. If there’s anything stored there you don’t absolutely need or use everyday, you should consider removing it. If there’s bulky furniture you don’t need, such as unused cabinets or bar stools, move them into Self Storage in Ipswich. Storage units at Amberley Self Storage come in a variety of different storage unit sizes, so there’s a storage solution for you no matter what you need to store. Make sure you also go through the food items. Many of us have out-of-date food stored in the back corners of our cupboards that we obviously don’t need.

Roll out shelves

There might be some unused spaces inside your kitchen, such as empty spaces beside the refrigerator. There’s no need for these spaces to go unused. Install some rolling racks with handles so you can pull them in and out of the space when you need them. These kinds of storage racks work perfectly for canned goods or cleaning supplies.

Build an island

If your kitchen is small, consider installing an island in the middle to create more bench and storage space. When you’re remodelling your kitchen, you can move the furniture into your Self Storage in Ipswich. This will help keep the disruptions to a minimum by stopping furniture from being moved into hallways and other rooms.

If you’re ready to move into your Self Storage in Ipswich, contact the team at Amberley Self Storage today.

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