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Many people like to collect newspapers. Whether your collection includes every edition of a certain newspaper, or only a few editions that have special meaning for you, it can take up too much room in your home. Instead, you should store your newspapers in Self Storage in Ipswich from Amberley Self Storage. Unfortunately, newspapers aren’t designed to last forever; however, there are a few processes you can complete to protect them and keep them in a good condition.


How to prepare your newspapers for Self Storage in Ipswich

If you have any newspapers that are particularly special to you, consider storing these in acid-free boxes. If your collection is quite large, you will probably be unable to store each newspaper in its own box; instead, you can keep your newspapers in acid-free folders. If there are newspapers you want to further protect, you can place acid-free paper in between each page of the newspaper. This will help prevent the pages from sticking together and transferring onto the other pages.

Here are some more tips for keeping your newspapers in Self Storage in Ipswich:


  • Lay the newspapers flat. Keeping the newspapers flat will help prevent the newspapers from deteriorating, especially along the folds of the pages.
  • Clean your hands. Our hands are constantly coated in oils and dirt, so it’s important you clean your hands before you handle the newspapers. The oil, dirt, or food scraps left on your hands could create stains on the pages.
  • Deacidify the pages. To gain an extra layer of protection, you can deacidify the pages of your newspapers.
  • Be organised. Don’t simply place your newspapers in Self Storage in Ipswich haphazardly. It’s important you take the time to organise your collection before moving it in. This will make finding the newspapers you’re looking for a whole lot easier down the track.

Self Storage in Ipswich

There are a variety of storage options available, and Amberley Self Storage is fitted with updated security measures to keep your belongings secure. If you’re ready to learn more about your storage options, contact the team at Amberley Self Storage. Alternatively, you can book online today!

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