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Studio apartment living is becoming more and more popular. This type of living gives you an open floor plan for modern living and is often much more affordable that other types of housing. While studio apartment living can be cramped, there are many ways that you can save space. Here are some of the top space saving hacks for studio apartment living.

#1) Bed Frames with built in storage

One of the easiest ways to help you maximize the space in your studio apartment is to purchase a bed frame that has build in storage. Oftentimes, you can find a variety of bed frames that have two to four drawers under the mattress. This allows you to save space and reduce the number of dressers you need to have. You can use the storage under the bed to hold clothes, towels, blankets and other miscellaneous items.

#2) Wall Shelves

Another ideal way to save space in your studio apartment is to invest in wall shelves. Wall shelves take up much less space that cabinets and allow you to maximize both floor and wall space. One of the best things about using wall shelves is that they come in a variety of different options. You can purchase wood shelves for a rustic themed apartment, metal shelves for a modern look, or a combination of both to give you a unique and one of a kind look.

#3) Drop Down Tables

Every person need to have a table in their home to eat and entertain. If you are living in a small studio apartment, you may not have the room for a large table. One of the best ways to give yourself more space and still have the functionality of a table is to use a drop down table. You can use a table that is mounted to the wall and drops down when needed. You can fold the table up when you are not using it to give yourself and your guests more space when you are just hanging out in the house.


#4) Renting A Storage Unit

One of the best ways to maximize the open space in a studio apartment is to rent a storage unit from Self Storage Amberley for all of the things you do not need or you do not use everyday. Self Storage Amberley is ideal for storing all of your seasonal items that you do not have room for. For example, Self Storage Amberley can help you store your bikes that you only use during warm weather or your large winter clothing selection that you only need during the colder months. This alternative allows you to save space and reduce the amount of clutter in your life. If you are able to rent a storage unit for a smaller price you can live in a smaller apartment and save yourself money on rent each month. While this may seem inefficient, it is actually one of the best ways to reduce clutter in your home.

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