Need to store art in Amberley? Can you store art at a Self Storage facility? The short answer is Yes. With a little bit of care and consideration, Self Storage can be exactly the answer you need for storing any art that you need to keep safe.

Here’s what you need to know.

Security first

While one man’s art is another man’s trash, there’s no denying that art is valuable, and important to the owner. It’s therefore important that you make sure that the Self Storage facility you select has good security. Speak to our team to find out what the best options are. They can advise you as to the most secure units with the least foot traffic, for example.

Depending on the art you need to store, you might also need a climate-controlled unit – find out from professionals what your particular painting or statue might need, and do your homework on which units and Self Storage solutions will provide this.

Proper packing

Again, do your research: when it comes to art, not all packing materials are made equal. For example, don’t use regular paper to wrap oil paintings in – it will stick to the painting.

Other tips include:

  • Wrap bubble wrap or a storage blanket around the art and secure it with packing tape for the framed art pieces. To make sure that they’re protected from damage, you should add padding made of hardboard to the back and front and tape them together.
  • You can use silicone release paper and wrappings made of glassine paper for unframed art pieces. For extra protection pad the front and back with hardboard, and wrap in bubble wrap and material, securing with packing tape.
  • Padding is a must-have for storing art. Backing boards and hardboards support the canvas. Invest in quality cardboard corners for the frame.
  • Be careful when placing padding in the front and the back of the canvas – don’t let the packing material come into contact with the surface of the painting.
  • Padding needs to ensure proper ventilation. Don’t use plastic! Your best bet is thick, breathable cloth.
  • If you’re planning to leave your art in Self Storage for an extended period of time, take the pieces out regularly to air them. This prevents the build up of humidity, mould and mildew in the long run.
  • Store art off the floor and upright – this helps to prevent possible damage due to pressure. Placing art directly on the floor also increases its chances of absorbing dampness.


Remember to keep an inventory of all the art you’ve put in Self Storage – take pictures and catalogue them. Also make sure that all your artworks are properly insured. Enquire from our team to find out about your coverage in case of damage.

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