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Centrally located Ipswich makes a great base from which to explore many areas of Queensland. This is beautiful part of Australia that has lots of places that welcome visitors. Best of all, many places are can be seen in a single weekend. If you want to get away, you’ll find plenty of ways to bring your things out of Storage Ipswich and hit the road. Terrific beaches lie a short distance away. The same is true of some of the most admired national parks in the entire country. This is a lovely place. It’s time to see it in person.

Charming Boonah

two men riding their bikes on a hot day

People in search of time in the fresh open air can head off to Boonah. This is a land of lush greenery and impressive scenery. Expect to see lots of grazing cattle along with native wildlife. There’s also lots of small shops that make it fun to see what’s on offer. The Scenic Rim Trail allows you to see the area on foot or head off with a bike along well crafted paths that are often free of traffic. This is one really lovely area you’ll want to explore on your own or bring your spouse.

Caloundra Beaches

a young family at the beach

Pretty Caloundra is an ideal place to put the camping equipment you’ve brought from Storage Ipswich and spread out. The beaches here are some of the best beaches you’ll find anywhere in the region. Many beaches have a place to stay right nearby. You can book a room for the weekend. This is the perfect way to have plenty of time to sit down on a stretch of sandy shore and watch the kids play. When you’re done, you can find lots of places to grab a great dinner. Fresh seafood is on the menu ready for your plate.

Currimundi Lake

a sexy woman on her surfboard at the beach

Those who prefer the lake to the beach can take full advantage of this lively place a short distance away from Ipswich. This is a great place to take those binoculars out of Storage Ipswich. They’ll come in handy when you sit on the shores of the lake and want to get a closer look at the many birds that make this lake their home base. It’s the ideal place for all who love nature and want to see it in perfect bloom. When you’re done watching birds, take a boat on the lake to cool off during the summer months.

Lamington National Park

a couple taking pictures in a forest in lamington park

One of the true gems of the region, Lamington is known far and wide to many Australians as well as visitors from abroad. The remnant of a much larger rain forest has been in this part of the world for millions of years. Today, it’s a protected park that has many things for Australians to see and do. Better yet, the highlights of the park can be easily seen in a single weekend. Cool rain forests have many kinds of elevated paths that enable people to walk across them without damaging the delicate flooring below.

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