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There are many reasons why you may require a self-storage unit throughout your lifetime. No matter the reason, you’ll need to know how to best prepare your belongings and what items can go in them. Discover more about what not to store in a storage unit so you can have a positive experience renting out a storage unit.

Benefits of a Storage Unit

There are quite a few benefits of choosing to use self-storage or rent a storage unit for your stuff. Doing so will make your life a whole lot easier overall, for starters. You may want to use a storage unit when decluttering your home, protecting your precious belongings, or if you’re transitioning between homes. It can also be beneficial to have a storage unit if you’re completing home renovations and need a place for your items to go that’s safe and secure and out of the way.

What You Can’t Store in a Storage Unit

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As you get your items ready to be moved into storage you’ll want to first make sure you know what not to store in a storage unit, which is for your safety. There are certain items such as illegal or stolen items, flammables, explosives, and hazardous items and perishables like paint and petrol that won’t be acceptable or accepted into the area. You also shouldn’t plan to store money, wet items, or belongings that are irreplaceable and priceless.

Next Steps for Securing A Storage Unit

Here at Amberley Self Storage, we are a storage facility offering affordable, safe, and secure self-storage units for items that you are allowed to store. Get in touch today to learn more or to secure your storage unit.

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