“I can easily store my car on some blocks in the back garden. Why should I pay money to put it into Vehicle Storage?”

Good question. And we have some good answers for you…

Damage control

Whether you own a boat, a motorcycle or a vintage car – all of these vehicles can be damaged by long exposure to the elements. Vintage vehicles are especially susceptible, and if you choose to store them in your back yard, you might end up with rusted-shut doors and a possum’s nest in the back seat.

Choosing the correct type of Vehicle Storage for your needs can go a long way to protect your precious investments – and will turn out to be much cheaper than all the restoration you’ll need to do once you’ve dug your boat/jet ski/ATV out from under the leaves and moss…

Neighbourly relations

Vehicle Storage can definitely keep the peace in your neigbourhood! If your Mustang collection is spilling out onto the road, or your beautiful boat is blocking your neighbour’s view of the ocean, you might soon face problems – and fines – from the local council.

Safety and access

Vehicle Storage is safe: no hoons are going to get anywhere near your belongings! It’s also easily accessible whenever you need to do some maintenance, or would like to haul the jet ski out for a ride.

Declutter your life

If the camellias are sharing their bed with a rowboat, the bicycle is hanging from the kitchen rafters and your surfboards keep the bathroom door from closing, it might be time to consider Vehicle Self Storage.

Vehicle Self Storage is especially handy in the off-season, when things like your ATV, motorcycle and jet ski need to take a bit of a rest. Instead of stuffing them all in your garage – rather choose to store them. You’ll free up space and gain peace of mind.


Vehicle Self Storage provides a variety of options according to what your needs are. You can store anything from as small as a skateboard to as big as an RV, and be assured that your belongings are safe. Ask our team for advice on the best option for you.

Some things to consider when choosing:

  • Is there drive-up access? This is extremely important, since it means you won’t need special equipment or machinery to move your vehicle, boat or motorcycle.
  • 24-hour access: if you want unlimited access to your vehicle, choose this option.
  • Nearby location: you don’t want to store your belongings too far away – pick a conveniently accessible location.
  • Video surveillance: this ups the security ante.
  • Electronic Gate Access – vehicles are not cheap investments, and you want to keep them safe. Pick a facility that has an electronic gate entry – you’ll be given an access code that will grant you entry, and also prevent intruders from getting in.
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