If you’ve been thinking Self Storage space is just for people who need, well, Self Storage space, perhaps it’s time to think outside the square. They may just need space for a man cave…

Not everyone needs space to store ‘stuff’. Sometimes they just need space, space to do things, and an Amberley Self Storage unit can be many things to many people.

A few years back, the industry body that looks after Self Storage facilities in the UK reported a five per cent annual shift away from domestic customers to business customers – and not all of these were businesses using the space to ‘store stuff’.

Many were small businesses using the facilities as pop-up mini gyms or music studios or recycling centres – and the industry association’s members were quite happy about that.

The clean, secure, well-lit Self Storage units of today, often with climate control included, are a cost-effective way for a new business to get established without the expensive overheads of a more purpose-built space – or, alternatively, for someone who does not have space at home for their hobby.

A Self Storage unit, providing it has power, can be the ideal ‘man cave’, a place not only to store the tools, the musical instruments, the gym equipment, or the art supplies, but somewhere to actually go and work, or work out, in peace.

You can set up your Self Storage space exactly the way you want it, with sound proofing or whatever you need to suit your hobby or your business, and if you need more space, you can rent the unit next door, or a bigger one. You have the peace of mind of 24-hour security and knowing all your costs are in one monthly ‘bill’, which makes it easier to budget for.

And your Self Storage unit could be somewhere where you can share your passion. Is there another musician in the family, or are you in a band and need practice space? Are you competing in a dance competition and need room to perfect your moves with your partner? Your special space can be exactly what you need it to be.

Obviously, before setting up the Self Storage space the way you want it, you should check with your facility as to whether there are any rules against what you want to do.

You may also want to add extra insurance cover if you are planning to use the space above and beyond what it was designed for. Ask what your existing policy covers.

However, once you open the conversation with your facility management, you may be surprised by their willingness to allow alternative options. After all, they’re in the business to rent space to people like you. As long as you are not breaking any rules, or disturbing other customers, you may have everything to gain.

Speak to the team at Amberley Self Storage at our facility near the RAAF Airport in Amberley. We can help you with your Self Storage needs, be it to create a man cave, or simply to free up some space at home.


Go on, you want a man cave, you need a man cave, it is yours.

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