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It doesn’t take much for your home to go from clean and pristine to sheer chaos. The amount of clutter we all accumulate makes it extremely easy for our homes to become full of mess and junk.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

You can declutter your home and make your living space a much more positive and refreshing environment. Decluttering doesn’t mean throwing everything away; you can move belongings you want to keep but don’t need access to every day into Self Storage in Ipswich from Amberley Self Storage.

Retrace your steps

Take some time to retrace your steps each day. This will help you find items you’ve misplaced, and can also help you identify your messy and unhealthy lifestyle habits. For example, are you leaving the mail in piles on the bench instead of going through it straight away? Retracing your steps can help you find the areas you habitually create small messes.

Prioritise your items

The key to decluttering your home is to prioritise your items. There are going to be items you not only like having around, but also get a use out of every single day. Obviously, there’s no need to remove these items from you home.

However, there are also going to be items that are broken and unusable. There’s no point hanging onto these items, unless you plan on having them fixed, so they can be thrown away. Then there will be the items you want to keep, but hardly ever use or don’t really have a place in your home. These are the items you can move into storage in Ipswich.

Reorganise your home

Once you’ve freed up a lot more space by throwing broken items away and moving infrequently used items into Ipswich Self Storage, it’s time to reorganise your home. Items you use every day should be very accessible. For example, if you drink a few hot drinks every day, keeping your kettle on the kitchen bench is a good use of space; however, if you’re only making yourself a coffee once a week, there’s no need to keep the kettle out constantly.

Move items you don’t use as much into cupboards and storage spaces, and replace them with items you need more access to. This can make your daily life a whole lot easier.


Having access to a storage unit can make the decluttering process a lot less stressful, because it alleviates the pressure you might feel to throw everything away. Contact the storage experts from Amberley Self Storage today.

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