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If you’re involved in one of the sports clubs in your local area, you know just how much sports gear is involved. Even if the sports club is small, there’s often a plethora of balls, fitness, drill, and agility equipment required for your teams to train and perform at their best. Often, this equipment can be large and awkwardly sized, making it difficult to store. As community facilities, local sports clubs often don’t have a lot of storage space for this equipment. Because of this, sports clubs can benefit from taking advantage of Self Storage in Ipswich from Amberley Self Storage.

Reduce clutter

Before you start organising your sports gear for storage in Ipswich, take some time to declutter it. There’s bound to be a few balls with holes in them that are now unusable, a few bibs with unreadable print on them, and agility cones that are cracked or squashed. There’s no point in keeping these items, so cut down on the clutter by getting rid of them.

No matter how much equipment your sports club has, there’s a suitably-sized storage unit available at Amberley Self Storage. Keeping your equipment in storage will open up a lot of space in your club house for other activities.


Not only does Ipswich Self Storage give you the extra space you need to store your equipment, it also gives you some added security. Your storage unit is completely secure and is located within a protected facility, so you can rest assured your equipment isn’t going to get damaged or stolen.

Save money

Sports equipment can be quite expensive, especially if you’re responsible for a large sports club with plenty of items. By taking preventative steps to ensure the safety of your sports club’s equipment, you can save money in the long run.

Utilising Self Storage means your club can focus on more important things, like the benefits of community sports clubs. Contact the team of storage professionals at Amberley Self Storage today to learn more about your storage options.

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