You’ve heard about it. You’ve heard about Amberley Self Storage. You have the need for it. But you’re still in two minds about it.

Once Self Storage is mentioned in a conversation, it seems that everybody is already using it; that is, everybody except you. So, you’re a newcomer to the idea?

For the first timer, Amberley Self Storage is the solution to what to do with:

  • The excess furniture you possess but don’t want to get rid of.
  • The paintings for which you don’t have wall space.
  • Holiday paraphernalia like skis, surf boards, scuba wear, fishing tackle, etc.
  • Stuff that is only used once a year, like Halloween costumes, Christmas trees and decorations.
  • Exercise equipment that is waiting for the next fitness craze.
  • Documents that need to be kept for the prescribed amount of years.
  • And, (can it be mentioned?) unwanted gifts that need to be displayed when a visit from the giver is looming.

You can store a car, a boat, a caravan or a bike – almost anything. Bur no fauna and flora!

Self Storage for the enlightened will provide opportunities to…

  • Install an office.
  • Create an art studio.
  • Store stock for an online business.
  • Create a space where you can practice your bagpipes without neighbours complaining and for many many more innovative uses.

Existing clients know that Self Storage facilities offer clean, dry and secure space for all types of storage requirements. Access through the gate is controlled by CCTV cameras. A contract with an armed response service and flood lights provide additional security. You alone will have access (24/7) to your unit. Buy your choice of lock from the store or bring your own. The store also sells packaging material. The company offers insurance when required or you can use your own broker.

Other benefits include free trolleys for offloading and a free first load can be negotiated. The friendly staff is ever helpful and will provide useful advice e.g. how to pack your unit or what kind of space you would need. Bookings and payment can be made online.

Self Storage facilities are designed to meet customers’ needs. Should you wish for anything specific, do not hesitate to ask, at Amberley Self Storage we are more than happy to guide you along the way.

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