Driving past the various storage facilities on our daily commute, each one offering Self Storage in Ipswich or Self Storage in Amberley, but we seldom give them much thought. Some are yellow, some are blue and some are red, but they are all mostly large buildings that looks like rows and rows of garages. It is not much different at Amberley Self Storage, but for newbies, it is important to know the difference between storage facilities, as this will influence your choice on where you will store your property.

So if you are looking for Self Storage in Ipswich and Amberley, then you need to ask yourself the following…

  • What can I store? You can store most items, as long as it is not perishable, toxic or flammable.
  • Is my Self Storage facility conveniently located? Because if you need to collect items, and store new ones on a regular basis, then location becomes very important.
  • What will it cost me? Think long term and short term. If you are storing for a long term, see what specials are available, and how much space you’ll get for your money.
  • Access to your Self Storage unit. How easy is it to get to your storage unit, and can you access it at all-hours? These are questions that are worth asking.
  • Is your Self Storage facility clean, safe and secure? Security is very important, as it is your property that will be stored, and if it is worth storing, it is worth ensuring it is safe. You might also want to insure it.
  • Are they online? Can you get quotes online, can you move in online and can you find out more about the storage facility on their website?

For more information, please visit the Amberley Self Storage website, or give us a call today.

Call Amberley Self Storage today, we are specialists for Air Force Base Self Storage, Self Storage in Ipswich and Amberley Self Storage. Our team will answer your questions, and highlight how easy and affordable Self Storage in Ipswich and Amberley can be.

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