Living in Amberley, or thinking about retiring in the Amberley or Ipswich area? If you are downsizing, then you will need to decide what to do with all your excess property.

The contents of a family household will never fit into a retirement cottage or any downsized home. While some parents are fortunate in that their children are happy to be at the receiving end of any surplus goods, more often than not, they, or the grandchildren are for various reasons not ready to take it off their parents’ hands.

The bond that is formed with furniture, books, ornaments and paintings over many years is, if not emotional, certainly a sentimental attachment. Amberley Self Storage is the perfect answer to the down sizer’s woes. It is understandable that a person would feel reluctant to let go. Not so when, in the knowledge that it still belongs to them and is ‘there’ (in storage) to see or take back at any time.

Knowing that your goods are well protected and in a safe place contribute to your peace of mind. The stringent security is but a small part of all the benefits of an Amberley Self Storage unit. The floodlit premises are secured with a CCTV monitor system. You also are the sole person to have access to your unit. You can at any time inspect our facility. Although is it advised to insure the goods that you want to store, the decision is yours. Before you enter into any contract, make sure that goods stored away from home isn’t already insured as part of your existing home-owners contract.

Management is set to ease your move in many ways. Free trolleys are available. The store stocks all the necessary packaging material. Units come in various sizes to suit your specific needs. Payment can be done online. A unit can at any time after a month, be upgraded to a bigger size or be cancelled. The helpful staff will be happy to advise a customer at any time.

Take photographs of the stored goods to remind yourself what is in storage. Number your paintings and ornaments with a short description of each and keep the list plus a copy.

Stored furniture should be protected with dust sheets or packing material that breathes (to avoid damp accumulating). Clean all furniture beforehand and wipe with a non-sticky polish.

Store your paintings upright on a pallet – never directly on a floor. Cover with brown paper. Add some moth balls to keep out fish moths. Paintings must never be stored lying flat on top of one another. Protect the corners with layers of paper or cardboard and bubble-wrap it. Always store art away from direct light.

When offloading, pack items with passages in between Label the boxes to find items without the need to go through many of them. Leave enough space between boxes and furniture. Ornaments must be packed into small boxes to keep the weight manageable. Fill empty spaces with foam chips or newspaper.

Clean garden implements thoroughly and rub down with oil. Consult your garden centre or mechanic on how to store a lawn mower. Get rid of all flammable and poisonous solvents.

Store Christmas decorations and hobby equipment near the entrance as these are most likely the items that would be first to be retrieved.

If you need advice about storage, or even how much space you’ll need, then contact us at Amberley Self Storage, we care about your belongings.

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